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Web Design and Development and Social Media Management

Responsive Design

A complete digital marketing strategy to launch the new business into online success.

The foodservice sister of Pneu-Therm Ltd, Catertherm source and distribute new and innovative equipment to the catering and hospitality industry.


Following the success of Pneu-Therm partnering with FORTAYmedia, Tom Cobb, Catertherm MD and Pneu-Therm Marketing Manager, approached us in the initial stages of setting up the business. We worked with Tom from the beginning, designing the logo and creating a full digital marketing strategy.


Our team designed and developed the Catertherm website, ensuring the site is visual to showcase the range of products the company provide. The web team kept with the simplicity of the Pneu-Therm website, whilst ensuring Catertherm had its own unique look. To do this they researched key websites in the industry and also incorporated Tom’s own ideas. As a result, a brochure site with a windows 8 theme tiled look was produced.


To display the specifications for each product, the web team chose a table look- instead of making information downloadable. This decreases loading time for the website and keeps customers on the same page at all times. Our team also made all content SEO friendly, helping Catertherm to rank well and above their competition.


As part of the digital marketing programme, a social media strategy was also created. Social media ensures the new company has a human appearance online, as well as reach their target demographic. Catertherm’s social media platforms keep in theme with the visual website, incorporating pictures and videos to create an engaging feed.


Our team also began talking to food industry experts and engaging with Catertherm’s target market, finding them a key place in the industry. We also produce regular e-shots for the company, from the Catertherm’s launch and business exhibitions to new products launches. The newsletters and social media keep Catertherm’s customers up to date on all the latest news.