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Holiday Inn Express

Website Design & Development, Social Media Marketing and Video Production

To promote the new Holiday Inn Express, their team turned to us to create a video to showcase the new hotel. With increased competition for other hotels in the area, our video team created a ‘video tour’ to give potential visitors an intimate insight into what makes the Express so special.


The 2 minute ‘walk-through’ uses an on-screen professional presenter to guide guests through the Express experience.


“The quality and professionalism of the FORTAYmedia crew were second to none and there is no doubt that compared to ‘still’ photography, the marginal extra cost, in relation to the benefits of using video, is significantly lower”

Hermann Beck, Managing Director of Holiday Inn Express and Holiday Inn Royal Victoria.

Holiday Inn Royal Vic

In addition to this, we have also teamed up with Holiday Inn Sheffield again, this time to market their Royal Victoria hotel. Our social media team regularly work with the staff at the Royal Vic to create feeds and campaigns targeted to Sheffield and those visiting the city.


Taking on the hotels Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, the Royal Victoria is now a prominent feature in Sheffield's social media hub.


Our web team have also designed and developed a brand new website for both the Express and Royal Victoria.  Bringing the historic and elegant hotel into modern day with it’s own online booking system and easy to use navigation.