You Are The Ref Case Study | FORTAYmedia

Video Production and Web Design

As YATR video partners, our team travel across the UK to capture the latest happenings and keep their captured audience up to date.

You Are the Ref is a unique media channel delivering the latest news from the world of football. The company offer an informed voice to all match officials across the world. YATR invite all referees, fans, parents, players, clubs and the media to join in the big conversation of football.


As part of the organisation, You Are The Ref produce the weekly show ‘The Ref Show’. Host Alan Biggs invites a range of co-hosts from the world of football to give the insights and opinions on the latest in the Football world. In 2015, Managing Director, Jock Waugh, was looking to give The Ref Show a complete overhaul and improve the overall online presence of YATR. Our video team introduced Jock to our infinity green screen studio, and the range of possibilities that come with using the facility.

After putting together an initial test run, our Sheffield City studio is now host to the weekly Ref Show, with filming taking place on a Monday morning, our team quickly edit the two part show to be uploaded onto the You Are The Ref YouTube channel by Monday evening - and to go out on local TV station Made In Leeds. FORTAYmedia are proud to be official media partners of You Are The Ref, with our team working closely with them to always keep their online presence fresh and exciting. Including producing You Are The Ref video newsletters and Live Streams and Webinars during YATR events. Our team travel across the UK to capture the latest happenings from YATR to keep their captured audience up to date.

Our team also designed a brand new You Are The Ref website. As the company was growing, the scale of the old website was not suitable for the amount of content being produced. Using big news corporation websites as a guide, our website team designed a new website to accommodate the amount of news and content constantly being produced by the You Are The Ref team.


As video partners, we also designed and developed the Youdan Trophy website, as well as film both the 2015 and 2016 tournaments.