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10 Quick Tips for Social Media Marketing – Video for Business


Social Media Marketing has come a long way since Mark Zuckerberg’s The Facebook in 2004. No longer is social media the place to just interact with friends and to see how old school mates are doing. Social Media has become a key opportunity for owners to further their businesses and broadcast brand messages in a way they’ve never been able to before.

Here’s a list of things you should be doing to make sure your business doesn’t fall behind.

1. Get used to video
Video posts are dominating social media. With Facebook now being YouTube’s largest contender for video uploads, it’s time to dominate your video marketing game. You don’t need a fancy green screen and professional camera to create a great social media video (although, it might help ). Plenty of successful social media videos have been created using a phone and good lighting.

Remember: Anyone can make a video and post it to social media. Make your content connect with your audience!

2. Be Engaging
When Brands are too ‘businessey’, people see straight through it – and ignore it. It’s time for your business to develop a personality, whether you become a sass master like Tesco Mobile …

Or take the ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ approach like Spotify..

It’s time to be less formal and more human!

3. Engage
There’s no point in having an engaging social media feed if you’re going to ignore people. Ask questions, reply to comments, create a conversation with your audience. You can never go wrong with a good customer service experience!

4. Social Influencers
This is more of a tip for B2C businesses looking to build their brand. There’s a variety of social media influencers, from Instagrammers to Vloggers and Bloggers with a captured audience hanging on to their every word. Whilst you might not have the budget to pay a Kardashian to advertise your product, there’s sure to be an influencer fit for you and your budget.

Alternatively, a simple gift in a vloggers P.O. Box with a note of what your product is might get you mentioned in a future video.

5. Resurrect your old content
Not all of your old content is out of date. Some of it is, like ‘Ello’ let’s leave that in 2014!

But a lot of your old content is still useful, although may not be interesting anymore. Whilst 2014 saw the rise of blogging, the coming year sees the continuing rise of vloggers. Turning your old blog posts into an interesting 2 minute video to share on social gives you quality content with little effort.

6. Attractive Feeds Work
There’s nothing more boring than someone who talks about themselves all of the time. That’s the same for social! Having a varied feed, including images, videos, GIF’s and relevant industry articles as well as plain text Tweets are going to engage your audience more than simple text posts.

7. Go Live
Real Time marketing has been the strategy to use on social media for many years now, and it doesn’t get any more on-time and interactive than Live Streaming. With Facebook introducing Facebook and Instagram LIVE, as well as YouTube already having livestreaming, it’s time to get interactive with your followers. Whether you’re livestreaming with a social influencer, or running a Facebook Live competition, there’s no better way to attract a following in 2017 than live streaming.

8. Analytics are Important
Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, Instagram for Business. Analytics are a great tool to use and the majority, if not all, social media platforms now have their own. Keeping an eye on who your audience is, when and where they’re engaging, what form of content works better and on what device should be a key part of your social media strategy.

For example, uploading recipe videos to directly to Catertherm’s Twitter account create more engagement than uploading to YouTube and linking in a Twitter post.

Remember: Don’t assume your social audience is the same on all social channels. You may need to create the same content in different formats to reach the right audience.

9. Mobile
Consider how many people use a mobile phone to get their content. There’s a good chance your audience are finding content whilst scrolling through their social feeds on their dinner break. Make sure your content is optimized for the smaller screens.

Not sure if your audience are finding you on desktop or mobile? Refer to point 8!

10. Social for a reason
Don’t leave your social media marketing strategy to one person. Your business team may have a range of ideas one person hasn’t thought of. It’s called social for a reason.

Remember: Two heads are better than one.

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