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social media metrics that matter

9 Social Media Metrics That Matter

Social media offers a dynamic platform to connect with audiences, build brand awareness and drive engagement. To measure the effectiveness of social media efforts, it’s important to track the right metrics. Not all metrics are created with equal importance, and focusing on the ones that truly matter can lead to better decision-making and improved results.


So, what are the social media metrics that matter the most?

In no particular order…


A like is a digital nod of approval from the people who see your post. This metric indicates that your content is resonating with your audience. It is also an indication of the content that your audience prefers. Analysing this metric will provide you with information about the content that your audience wants to see and which they might not. You can then adapt your content strategy to suit what your audience seems to like more. 


Comments not only show that your content is being seen, but they also indicate that your content is prompting people to share their thoughts. Meaningful discussions can emerge from comment threads, which is a strong indicator of engagement. This engagement will help your audience to form a stronger relationship with your brand.


When someone shares your content, it amplifies your message and increases reach and credibility. This can help you to reach new customers, increase conversion rates and build brand awareness.


Click-through rate measures the percentage of people who have clicked on a link within your post. This is a critical metric when your goal is to drive traffic to your website. It can help you to measure the success of your campaigns, determine if you are effectively reaching your target audience and decipher if you are communicating persuasively enough to convince them to click.


This top-of-funnel metric is crucial for understanding your content’s level of exposure. Reach tells you how many unique users have seen your content, therefore it tells you how many people had the chance to learn about your products, services and brand. The more people you can reach with your content, the more successful your campaign will be. Moreover, this can be a useful metric to compare organic posts and paid posts to see the difference in reach and whether paid posts are worth being a larger part of your marketing strategy.


Slightly different to reach, impressions count how many times your content has been displayed to users, regardless of whether it is the same person seeing it multiple times. This can give you a sense of the overall awareness generated by your posts and can show you if your followers or audience are looking at your posts multiple times, thus indicating their interest.


Your follower growth is a valuable metric as it indicates that your audience is expanding. A larger following increases your visibility on social media platforms and is more likely to be seen by a wider audience. Nevertheless, it is important to couple this metric with other engagement data to ensure that new followers are genuinely interested in your content.


Conversion rates measure how many people have completed a desired action as a result of your marketing on social media platforms. Essentially, you are able to measure how well your social media efforts have worked to achieve your marketing goals.


ROI is the ultimate metric that every business wants to measure. It quantifies the ROI made as a result of your social media marketing efforts. To calculate this, you will need to compare the costs of your social media activities to the revenue generated as a direct result of those activities. This will then tell you if your marketing efforts are worthwhile.


While there are many social media metrics you can measure and track, not all of them are as important as the others. The metrics that matter most will be the ones that align with your specific goals and objectives. By focusing on the right metrics, you can refine your social media strategy, improve your content and drive better results for your business.


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