Altek - Case Study | FORTAYmedia

“I’m very pleased with the whole experience. So much that I have already started hatching my next venture and vision”

Keith Maris, Operations Director

ALTEK Group is a U.K. based manufacturer of market-leading products that enable aluminium producers and recyclers to manage and efficiently extract value from critical waste streams, reduce waste generation, and improve operating productivity.

The company was looking for someone to produce a video that moved the focus and emphasis on safety. Having an idea of what they were looking for, they reached out to our team to help with the production side of the video.

Our in-house video team worked closely with Altek to ensure they felt comfortable and supported throughout the filming process. For their peace of mind, we then sent them a video showcasing the aesthetics we would be using for their project.

“Between us, we worked as a team”

As the families and children of the team were part of the video, we needed to make it as easy as possible. Working together as a team with Altek delivered the best results; an easy-to-watch, fun and engaging safety video that perfectly reflects their personality and culture.

“On the day, we got a very rough idea of what we wanted to do but we were very much guided by Fortay Media”

Keith Maris, Operations Director