“It turned out even better than I imagined”

Mark Jordan, Founder

Aroma Holiday is a luxury destination candle and home fragrance brand, inspired by different places around the globe. Originally starting with 5 products, their company has now grown to supply 18 products, covering most of the world.

After having been recommended to use our services at FORTAYmedia, we took Aroma Holiday’s original web presence and started anew from scratch. We built a new website and online shop that clearly represented the luxury persona of the brand, with easy to use functionality that would stand out and attract new customers. Due to the tactile nature of their products, we made sure Aroma Holiday’s website would portray the messages of the brand in an instant.

“It turned out even better than I imagined”

Mark Jordan, Founder.

Our in-house production team began by taking product photos, then moving on to produce videos that ensured they portrayed the luxury feel of the brand. We created header videos for Aroma Holiday’s website to attract an audience’s attention in the first seconds they visit the site, producing the company’s vision on screen.

Using the header videos we had produced, we created video snippets for social media adverts, increasing the scope of Aroma Holiday’s audience and their exposure to new customers. We are continuing to work with the brand, using effective videos to support their vision and message, helping to grow their business to supply customers around the globe.

“FORTAYmedia make it fun, and this process should be fun!”

Mark Jordan