Aroma Holiday

Website Design

About the client

The team at Aroma Holiday came to us to establish an online presence through developing an e-commerce website. The luxury candle company wanted an effective website where customers could purchase their products, enabling them to compete with big brands such as Jo Malone and Yankee Candle.

As everything we do is in-house, we know how to build a website that works for its purpose and promotes products in the most effective way. Everything we did for Aroma Holiday was produced internally, from the web design to product photographs featured on the website and across social channels. We could produce every aspect of a website, meaning the team at Aroma Holiday didn’t have to go anywhere externally to get the website they wanted.







The Design

Responsive Design

Our video team also worked with Aroma Holiday, photographing products for the website and social channels, but also creating situation images to give customers a feel of what a candle or root stick would look like in a home. Due to the nature of our in-house work, this company could have everything they needed regarding an online presence in one place. We also created a stunning video header for Aroma Holiday’s website to entice people to the page, and to give a further representation of the products.

Establishing trust with customers was very important for this company as you can’t smell a candle through a screen. Our social media team designed and ran a short, 1-month long campaign to aid the launch of Aroma’s new website. We reached out and sent products to influencers as part of a marketing strategy, including getting reviews off key figures as part of their YouTube videos. This helped build the brand amongst those who are trusted by a large following, hence increasing the exposure of the company. As part of our short campaign, we also ran Facebook and Instagram Ads to help build an online identity and increase interest in the company.

For Aroma Holiday, we designed and developed a high-quality website that they now edit themselves from a custom CRM system. Since working with us, the team have gone on to create an ‘online hub’ and now supply their products around the globe.