Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber

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Providing businesses of all sizes, in an array of sectors, with a full range of business support services. We have been working closely with BR Chamber since 2013, when our team was approached to produce two event videos featuring their annual event, BR Chamber Business Awards.

Our video team produced a longer overview video, including a range of interviews from the BR team and its members, as well as the events,  award sponsors and antics of the night. From this we also produced a shorter general overview video, to be used on the BR website and social media accounts.

As well as giving the attendees a chance to relive the night, both videos were used again to promote the next award ceremony in 2015.

Following the success of the two videos, we’re excited to announce our team has signed a 3-year partnership to produce a package of videos for the annual Barnsley Rotherham Chamber Business Awards ceremony.

Hoping to create ‘a truly memorable memento’ for all attendees, we will produce a range of videos the chamber can use on the website and social media accounts, as well as ‘award trailers’ to advertise and market upcoming award shows.

“A real opportunity for us to develop our marketing mix, and FORTAYmedia have proved every willing partners. We look forward to a long term relationship”

Andrew Denniff, Chief Executive