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  • Your business is as unique as you want to make it. So why are you using the same website template as everyone else in your industry? More importantly, why are you using a template website? It’s never been cheaper to build a website. With a Wix YouTube Ad being shown

  •   With phone cameras now becoming more advanced than ever, anyone and everyone can make a decent video using their mobile phone. However, whilst Aunt Bessie finally has a well-lit birthday video she can show to her friends, filming on your phone probably isn’t ideal for impressing your clients or

  •   In the video above, we talk about videos on social media platforms and what to think about when creating them. Video is become increasingly on social media, and some may even argue that the content is now leading in terms of how to build engagement on your platforms. The

  •   If you’re a business thinking about commissioning or making a video yourself, here are a few things to think about beforehand 1. Define your Goal “People with Goals succeed because they know where they are going” – Earl Nightingale Don’t run into wanting a video without first clarifying; what

  •   Increase your conversion rates by up to 65% with video BUT FIRST know your audience and what stage of the ‘Buyer’s Journey’ they’re at. Learn how to create and cater your videos to keep the buyers information needs, behaviors and problems central to your message. For those of you

  •   Depending on your budget and goals, both Facebook Ads and Google AdWords can be beneficial forms of paid media for your business. We’re breaking down your need to know on all things Ads and AdWords so you can determine the best method for you. What are Facebook Ads and