People don’t buy from businesses, they buy from people, and Company Culture videos are the perfect way to show off your people. A company culture video can be the perfect first step your brand takes into the world of video marketing. It paints a wide stroke for your promotional

Our latest Video Production is for figure skating blade maker John Wilson Blades. With Sheffield gaining the international reputation in the 19th Century for steel production, it’s only fitting that the John Wilson headquarters is based in the steel city. John Wilson was the 17th Century Royal toolmaker tasked with

With 250 million active Instagram users posting each day and with a total 700 million users, we have to ask the question: Is Instagram the ideal social media platform for businesses to share and communicate? With global celebrities, blogger, vloggers and businesses using the app and users saying it’s great

Every marketer knows social media should be an integral part of their marketing efforts, if not only to grow their brand but to reach and connect with audiences in a way you’ve not had the opportunity to do so before. Instagram Stories With the official launch in August 2016 and

The evolution of video remains key for shifting and shaping the world of marketing. This coming year will see videos captivating an audience like never before, from live streaming to story telling, marketers are becoming more interactive with their video content. The way we, as viewers, consume content is set

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