DO YOU MAKE IT EASY TO BUY FROM YOU? BY: DAVID WATKINS   The way we do business is changing fast. Today it’s all about speed. Clients no longer rely on sales messages to inform and persuade. They want to hear what other people think. They also want it easy.

WEB DESIGN & THE KIPLING PRINCIPLE BY: CRAIG THOMPSON   There are too many great looking websites that just don’t work. So you need a new one right? Here’s my tip for where to start if you want a website that works, whatever its market. Use the (Rudyard) Kipling Principle:

NEVER MIND YOUR WEBSITE, ARE YOU RESPONSIVE? BY: CRAIG THOMPSON   Responsive web design is all the rage, everywhere you look there are designers and developers telling us how great responsive websites are, and, if we care to read on, what they are and how they work. I agree with

HOW TO CREATE POWERFUL VIDEO CONTENT BY: DAVID WATKINS   Now you’ve decided to give video a go, it’s time to consider how to create a video that creates real impact and that means producing powerful content. The first step is to sit down and work out what you want

IS THIS THE MOBILE TIPPING POINT? BY: CRAIG THOMPSON   In a recent email marketing campaign we ran for one of our clients, we had an astounding ‘opened on mobile’ rate of 71%!! That’s right not 33% not 50% but 71%. Here at Fortay Media we have known for while

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