Cadbury Marvellous Ice Cream

Video Production / Social Media

Marvin the dancing penguin launched Cadbury's new ice cream flavours into social media video success.

The ‘Make It Marvellous’ social media campaign featured Marvin the penguin and brought attention to Cadbury’s latest creation.

Summer 2015 saw the launch of Cadbury’s Marvellous Ice Cream. The company added four new flavours to their ice cream range and used social media to market them. On behalf of Cadbury’s, Finn Communcations Ltd contacted our video team. We filmed 3 short videos of Marvin dancing in different locations throughout the seaside resort of Blackpool. The social media videos were gradually released, leading up to the launch of the new flavours.

Each video released showed a different clue as to where Marvin may be dancing. Viewers then took to Facebook and Twitter to guess where they thought he might be. With a specific landmark seen each time, the final video revealed Marvin dancing in front of the Blackpool Tower. We kept the videos to less than a minute long to keep the audience interested and to encourage viewers to comment. Our video team formatted all of the videos to suit the accompanying social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter.

After the success of the social media campaign, our video team then put together a final dancing Marvin video. This video saw Marvin dancing in a variety of different locations and cities, and encouraged viewers to comment and let Cadbury’s know where they wanted to see Marvin dance next. The whole campaign saw over 100,000 Facebook views for each video.

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