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About the client

As a start-up company offering businesses unique VoIP systems, the team at Callwise came to us looking for a new website that would be populated quickly and could spread knowledge of the company to the right people. As a new company, Callwise needed to establish trust as a start-up brand, competing against other already big names in the VoIP industry.

Thanks to Callwise’s needs being met at our in-house Sheffield studio and our team sporting a range of expertise, we were able to create a website and a variety of content such as knowledge videos quickly and effectively.





Colour Scheme


The Design

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Focusing on Callwise’s brand guidelines and their unique selling point, our web team created a website that suited their needs exactly. Offering a completely unique system with no tiers or contracts and all features coming as standard, we developed a website that reflects the individualism of Callwise, as well as being easy to navigate. As the business was a start-up, our team needed to help establish customer trust with the brand. They did this by including a range of testimonials on the website, showing potential customers happy clients who are satisfied with the system:

Responsive Design

Our in-house video team also produced a range of informative videos for Callwise, increasing knowledge and understanding of the system they offer. From knowledge videos such as ‘What VoIP is’ and ‘How VoIP Works’, to resource videos on topics such as ‘How to use Callwise’, our team filmed and edited many individual videos around different features of the company. Our social media team ran a 3-month long campaign to aid the launch of Callwise. With a strategy that used videos across social media channels such as YouTube and Facebook, we managed the company’s online presence to ensure they got the best exposure they could. Targeting posts at the right audience, we helped increase knowledge of the company, giving the team at Callwise a strong place to start from.

We were able to design and develop a populated website for Callwise, as well as providing video resources that they now use across social media channels and marketing platforms, allowing them to have an established current and effective sales technique.  

Callwise are now set up with the online tools and resources they need to market and sell the Callwise system to more and more happy clients.