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Case Study and Testimonial Videos – Video for Business


The great thing about Case Study videos, is that your clients are selling your business for you.

People influence people, and they are more likely to believe a happy customer than a business bragging about how great they are. This is why review sites such as Feefo, Trip Advisor and even Facebook comments are incredibly important to many businesses success.

This is what make Case Studies and Testimonials so valuable. Your customer is explaining to a potential customer their experience with your business, giving them extra confidence when it comes to purchasing from you. Also, when it comes to the medium of your telling your customers ‘story’, it’s more entertaining, informative and engaging to watch a video than it is to read a paragraph of text.

What’s the best way to create a Testimonial video?

 Production Value
Case Studies can be a simple as filming on your phone, however, if you have the budget, we advise you to invest in a professional production, especially if your looking for a consistent production style across your website.

Remember how important case studies can be to convert potential customers into spending customers.

Organising the Shoot
As your client is doing you a favour by filming the video, you want to make the whole process as easy and stress free as possible.

Not many people want to be filmed, so to keep them at ease, film the testimonial in a location they know, with little or no people around. Then give them an idea of the questions you’re going to ask before the shoot. Don’t go too much into detail though, this way their answers and as natural and unscripted as possible.

Film plenty of shots of the product or service they’re talking about, and if possible, of your client using the product/service. This will allow you to cure to these shots through the video.

This not only makes the video more interesting to watch, but also allows you to edit the answers your clients give. As an added bonus, if you have a shy client, assure them they won’t be on screen for very long.

Video Length
If you intend to post the video to social media, your video doesn’t want to be any longer than 1-2 minutes. Try cutting the video up and posting interesting points, then directing the audience to watch the full video through a link on your website if needed.

If you’re posting the video onto your website, you have a much more captured audience, therefore the length can be as long as 10 minutes if you needs be.

Where to use it
As Case Studies are a great sell for your product or service, you want to show them in as many places as possible, however we’ve found them to be most beneficial on the following:

• Product Pages
• In Emails
• Social Media Platforms

Hopefully this gives you a good starting point with your video case studies.
If you need any further help or further online marketing information, get in touch.

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