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How to create an effective Company Culture Video

Video content is on the rise. Cisco Annual Internet report predicts that video will account for 82% of all traffic by 2022. It’s time to jump on the bandwagon before it is too late!

What is a company culture video?
A company culture video is a perfect way to showcase your people and the culture behind the company. It is usually an insight to the people behind the business.

It’s also the perfect first step for your brand to step into the world of video marketing. A simple topic, Company Culture videos are often produced in many different ways. As a result, you can adapt the video to your budget, tone and type of company.


Why are company culture videos so popular?

Firstly, they are a brilliant way to engage with your audience.

People don’t want to buy from businesses but from people. It’s important to give potential customers an insight into the people behind the brand.

Do you have an office dog? A games room in the office? Or a Fish and Chip Friday?

Showcase these quirky features and your audience will want to know more about you. You aren’t restricted to the above, the story you choose to tell can be based on any part of your brand.

Company culture videos can be about anything, so it’s time to get creative!

Have a look at this company culture video from Basecamp. The team members are not just talking about their role in the company, or how great it is. Instead, they are trying coffee.And simply talking in a relaxed and unscripted way.

Culture is not only about the office, team activities or benefits of working for the business.

Again, it’s about the people working there. Who are they, without a script?


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How can you make a culture video?
In order to create a successful Company Culture Video, there are a few things you need to think about first.

Know your audience
Are you talking to your potential workers or potential customers?

If your video is for a potential customer, you need to then identify your brand’s core values, and how these are illustrated with the activities and people in the business.

You need to know who you are trying to reach in order to create an effective script.

Choose your format

Now that you know your audience, what type of video do you think will suit them?

Funny, emotional, entertaining, informational…

Pick the tone for the video and stick to it!

Write a script

It’s really important to write a script and read it a few times before deciding on the video. This will help you organise your ideas and build the video that best communicates your message.

Read through the script a few times and ask someone else to read it. It is also handy to read it out loud so you can evaluate whether it sounds natural and you can determine how long the video will be. We tend to read something faster in our heads than we do out loud.

It is also handy to make a shot list of everything you want to include in your video, even if someone else is making it for you, as it can be a great reference.

Add some detail and make it personal – add awards, personalised mugs, wall art and other quirky features that will set your video apart.

These little details are vital for creating an engaging video and brand for your business. It doesn’t need to be complicated, just enough for you to understand what shots and detail best represent the company.

Don’t forget to show your personality
It’s the main goal of the video! Showcase the personality behind the brand and the people working in it.What are your values? What makes your company unique?Keep it natural and fun
Above all, a culture video must be honest, and it shouldn’t look overly polished but natural and spontaneous, so don’t prepare it too much. Keep it as a reference.Don’t tell your employees what they should say about the company, let them choose their own answers. If you want to guide the content of the video, simply choose the right questions to ask.

Maybe your company is not the greatest regarding work hours, but it has the best work environment. Or vice versa. Focus on what truly makes you appealing.

Also, don’t be scared to reveal your humour, as it can go a long way to breaking down barriers and creating a connection.


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Don’t make it too long
According to this report from Vidyard, 73% of business videos are two minutes or shorter. Only 2% of business videos are 10 to 20 minutes long.

Videos are becoming increasingly popular, so it’s not enough to just make one video. You need to make it entertaining and short enough if you want people to watch it.

Most marketing videos should be two minutes long or less. But the length of a video always depends entirely on the channel, industry, audience or tone.

You will make a different video for your social media channels, company website and YouTube.

This is not a product video
Don’t try to sell your product or service!

The purpose of this video is to show your potential customers the personality behind your brand.

Even if you choose to showcase your products or services in the video, this is not the place to tell people why they should buy them.

You want people to remember your brand, not just that one product that you just released. In the long term, it’s worth it.

Final Touches
Be sure to add your logo throughout the video, whether that’s a watermark in the corner or adding it to the beginning or final shot.

Remember, this video isn’t about a hard sell. A Company Culture video should be entertaining and resonate with your audience enough for them to remember you.

You might be wondering after making all this effort, will I see the benefits from it?

The answer is yes, yes and yes.

Types of Company Culture Videos

As we stated at the beginning, the best part about these videos is that they can be about pretty much anything.

But here are some examples of the types of videos you can create.

Workplace Culture Videos

You can show your audience what goes on in the workplace on an everyday basis. Show their desks, the kitchen or how the team works.

Ask them what they think about the company in a casual way.

Behind the Scenes Videos

You don’t need a script for this one. Make the viewers feel like they are having a tour of your company.

Recruitment Videos

Speak directly to your potential employees! Provide information about what it’s like to work in your company.

A perfect fit might come across your video and make a decision based on it.

Benefits of Culture Videos

Overall, a company culture video gives your brand a more personable and close approach.

People like to buy from people, not from brands.

Yes, we mentioned that before. And still, people keep forgetting!

The direct benefits will depend on what your goals were when creating the video. Some benefits may include:

• Building brand loyalty with your current consumers. They will want to keep buying from you because they like you

• Attracting new potential customers

• Improving recruitment results and fit. You can get all your candidates excited even before their first interview!

• These videos are a great opportunity to make your team feel a valued asset in your company

In order to measure the results of your video, you need to keep in mind what your goal was.

Has it been successful? Then it’s time to make more.

Are your views lacking? Don’t be afraid of giving it another try. Try a different angle until your audience begins to respond.

Let’s talk about money

How much do you have to spend?

It depends. I know you don’t like this answer, but it always depends.

The perfect company culture video will vary depending on many things – the type of company, industry, values, budget, goal or audience.

Pouring money into a company culture video may be a great idea for one company, and for others, filming a quick, 30-second video on an iPhone is perfectly acceptable, and even beneficial.

If you are looking for more information when it comes to creating your own video, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will help you choose the right video for your needs.

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