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How to create convincing Case Study Videos

What better way to shout about your business than to have your customers do it for you?

A Case Study Video or Customer testimonial is a powerful tool for businesses looking to attract new clients and drive revenue. Adding a personal element that’s difficult to achieve with traditional, text-based case studies, when properly executed, video showcases the value of your work and helps to grow your business.


What makes Video Case Studies Good?

The main reason case studies are effective? Trust!

Rather than telling your potential customers how great you are, case studies allow your existing customers to do the talking.

Video case studies hit potential customers when they’re at that sweet spot in the buyer’s journey – when they know their options and are trying to figure out which to choose and which relates best to their situation.

Allowing viewers to see someone, like them, talk about a product or service, they are able to assess their options in a way that relates to them. An effective video should also include real data, statistics and an effective call to action, making future steps clear to the viewer.

Benefits of Case Study Videos

Show not Tell

More convincing than your traditional text review, case study videos allow your existing happy customers to do the talking.

Unlike adverts that are fictional and hypothetical, case studies show real people, their problems and outline how your product/ service became an effective solution. If viewers see a trusted and well-known brand speak highly of you, they are more likely to perceive you as a high-quality business.

Trust and Credibility

Building brand credibility is vital for building your business. Showing the successes of previous customers helps prospects to visualise what they can expect if they choose to work with you or purchase your product.

Rather than focusing directly on your product or service, a good case study tells the story of your customer from their point of view. With 88% of consumers trusting online testimonials and reviews as much as recommendations from friends or family, having a customer speak for your business really can make the difference.

Whilst your viewers may not personally know the person/ people in your video, a recommendation from a third party still becomes more convincing than a brand blowing their own trumpet.

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Use your case study everywhere.

A customer testimonial can double as good, shareable content, including featuring on your website landing page and social media platforms – it can even be optimised for SEO.

Grab your audience’s attention through an inviting still image or video thumbnail and use your case study for maximum exposure.

• Social Media Platforms – YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.
• Website Home Page
• Website Landing page
Case Study page on your website
• Feature in Newsletters
• Create a blog post and use the video as the feature of the post
• Show them during sales pitches and client meetings to drive home a point

Case Studies incorporate independent analysis about a product or service, which is critical during the decision stage. Get creative with testimonials and the different formats it can be shared in.


Case Study Video Structure

Your case study video should aim to cover 3 things

  • Project Brief
  • Action Plan
  • The Results

Like any video, case studies have to create a narrative that is both convincing and can hold the viewers’ attention. A good way to go about this is to outline the project brief set by the client, the action plan your business put in place/ the benefits of your using your product for the brief and the results.

Whilst Case Studies are designed to promote your brand, they should also give viewers useful and practical information about the product or service you’re offering.

We’ve outlined everything from case study video structure, the benefits and the best way to maximise in the below video



The best and most successful case study videos feature a number of different ingredients

The backbone of any testimonial video.

Interviewing your client will form the main narrative of your video and is the main reason case study videos stand out from other marketing materials. Whilst you can’t tell your clients what to say, you can lead the narrative with prompts and interview questions that will appeal to your viewers.

Cutaways and footage that supports what is being said add variety to your video and are a great way of breaking up the interview. They also help to tell the story visually by demonstrating evidence, behind the scenes footage and bringing the story to life.

Like all storytelling, your narrative needs a beginning, middle and end. As stated above, you should aim to cover Brief, Plan and Results in order to portray a complete and effective story.

Where you film could be determined by a number of factors. Helping to set the tone of your case study, you could film in your client’s place of business to add authenticity or use a professional studio for a cleaner look. More than one location can be used if shooting time allows.


Case Study Video Examples

Video case studies are hugely beneficial for brands. Not only are they a vital aspect of the buyer’s journey, they present social proof and reassure viewers your product or service will fulfil their needs.

These videos capture attention quickly and allow your viewers to form an emotional connection with your brand – and remember

• Select a relatable customer to use in your video
• Have a purpose and end goal for the video
• Tell a story that keeps your viewers engaged
• Remember your brand

Are you looking for an effective video case study that engages and converts?
At FORTAYmedia we understand that you need to capture the attention and emotions of your target audience. We use a combination of emotive and logical techniques to create the perfect message for your brand. Get in touch to find out how our video team can create a professional case study video for your business.

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