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developing a user-generated content strategy

Developing a User-Generated Content Strategy

User-generated content (USG) has become an increasingly popular tool for businesses that are looking to strengthen brand loyalty, engage with their audience and drive growth of invested customers.

With the rise of online marketing channels such as social media platforms, consumers have naturally become an active part of shaping the narratives that surround brands and their products. Whilst this shift may be challenging to navigate with some businesses being unsure on how to leverage user-generated content to promote their brand, it is important to realise that learning how to utilise user-generated content effectively within your content strategy presents a golden opportunity for many positive results.

Looking for help on how to take advantage of user-generated content in your marketing strategy? Keep on reading…

user-generated content strategy


Building a solid and engaged community around your brand is key to encouraging user-generated content. Ensuring to actively engage with your audience on social media and other relevant platforms will make them feel valued and heard, thus making it more likely that they will generate content that resonates with your brand. To do this, you can open discussions with them by posting questions, requesting feedback and acknowledging any user contributions. As well as this, it is important to make sure that you respond to both positive and negative feedback to show your commitment to customer satisfaction.


Being strategic with how you inspire your audience to create and share content is another important aspect to consider when developing a successful user-generated content strategy. You may decide to host a competition or perhaps an interactive campaign, but as long as you make sure that whatever it is aligns with your brand identity, it can be a creative way to encourage valuable user-generated content.

A powerful form of user-generated content that helps to influence purchasing decisions is testimonials. Encouraging satisfied customers to leave reviews is arguably the best way to develop a strong user-generated content strategy as it is created through the most effective marketing method: word-of-mouth. Showcasing these testimonials on your marketing channels will help you to build trust and credibility around your brand.

user-generated content strategy quote

When users choose to create content, with their permission, repurpose it and share it across your own marketing channels to amplify its reach and impact. These images, 

videos and testimonials not only strengthen brand loyalty but also connect your audience. When it comes to posting this content, consider creating a dedicated hashtag or gallery so that you can showcase community contributions in one place.

It may be useful to provide tools and resources that make it easy for users to create and share content that is related to your brand. You could create branded filters, templates or creative prompts to allow users to express themselves whilst staying aligned with your brand guidelines.


Another powerful tool in a modern-day marketing strategy is the incorporation of influencers, brand ambassadors and other content creators. You can identify individuals whose values align with your brand and who have a similar audience to partner with them and co-create content. By leveraging the reach and credibility of these people, you can extend the reach of your user-generated content and tap into new audiences.

User-generated content is a powerful way to engage your audience, build brand advocacy and drive growth. By fostering an engaged community, encouraging content creation, leveraging user-generated content effectively and nurturing relationships with your audience, you can tap into the full potential of user-generated content.

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