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Digital Marketing Trends 2016: Social Media Marketing


1. Social Video and Live Streaming

The past year has been a big one for social video. 2015 saw Facebook reportedly double its daily video views, over taking YouTube, Twitter launching its own native video platform and Snapchat users consuming a total of 66 minutes of online video.

Content on social media that contains video is proven to be more engaging. Facebook have just launched their own live streaming and 360 video platform, making social video a more creative and attractive way to effectively market businesses. With shorter formats such as Vine and Instagram videos, viewers are now stopping to view online videos, instead of scrolling straight past. We also saw the launch of live streaming platforms Periscope and Meerkat, a long with Facebook “Live”, this will help brands to engage with their customers on a new level.


2. Get noticed with Social Ads

More and more businesses are seeing the benefit of having and effectively using a social media platform. With everyone saying something at the same time, it means more competition for businesses and you’re back to being lost in the noise of the newsfeed.

To guarantee your content is being seen, it’s time to put a budget to your social media campaign. Make sure you’re paying for the right content and look for niche platforms to pay for ads. Whilst Facebook or Twitter may be the go to for your business, it’s platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, who only began offering ads this year, where you may see the most ROI.


3. Culture will be king

Over the past year we’ve seen a big drop in people being attracted to the product sold, and instead we’re seeing a rise in audiences caring about culture. It is no longer enough for a business to have a good product, excellent marketers are now creating brand stories to entice viewers.

Personalising your social media content to coincide with current events or simply to match your target demographic will help to make your online marketing efforts more successful. With the range of statistics that outline your key demographic, there’s no excuse not to tailor your marketing efforts to the people you’re trying to attract. Personalising your marketing efforts will allow you to build a good quality relationship with your audience as well as offer them a unique customer experience.


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