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Digital Marketing Trends 2016: Video Production



1. More and More Video

This past year has seen the growth of video, with social platforms adapting to support their own native video and online viewers growing at an astonishing 60% per month, this is set to only increase within the next year.

With online video now accounting for 50% of all mobile traffic, marketers will need to create better and personalised content in order to connect with their audience. Social media will be the place consumers go to view video and therefore expect to see an increase in 30 second clips to gain audience attention. Creative teams are also likely to use 2016 to experiment with the video content they produce. BuzzFeed launched

Fortay media filming at Visualsoft

their ‘Tasty’ page in 2015 and their short and quick videos have opened the way for creators to emphasise short, quick visuals rather than concentrate on longer, time consuming productions.


2. Augmented Reality

The new year will see major development for augmented reality. Augmented reality offers a live view of elements that are computer-generated such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data overlaying the physical world with the virtual.

As more applications and wearables are released within the new year, expect to see businesses showcasing new and innovative ways to market themselves. Whilst we’ve seen brands utilize this user experience strategy for the past few years, it’s Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard and similar technologies, set to be released in 2016, that will gain the attention and change the gaming and video industry.

The retail industry have already adopted augmented reality within their marketing strategy. Both Topshop and Ikea used the oculus rift and augmented reality apps to increase user engagement within their marketing strategy, 2016 will see brands following in their footsteps. With marketing growing so is the connection brands have with their consumers, and this is only set to get bigger within the new year.

3. Video Content will be King

Whilst content will continue to dominate digital marketing in the new year, we will see a rise in the number of videos being used by brands in their marketing strategies. With the end of 2015 approaching and brands inundating consumers with digital videos, whether this be 30 second social media bursts or longer, more informed advertisements, this is likely to continue and grow for both B2C and B2B companies.

The growth of video content, will have marketers thinking about how to develop the relationship brands have with their customers. Creating a video that entertains the viewer will see better results than those with video content based solely on a particular product

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