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Digital Marketing Trends 2015



It is predicted that this year will see a climb in businesses focusing on their digital marketing strategy. So if you’re looking to begin marketing online this year or just want to revamp your strategy, here’s some of the digital marketing trends predicted for 2015.


Content Marketing

I know, you’re probably sick of hearing it- content marketing was the hype for 2014 and it isn’t going away in 2015.


The content you create, curate and share is one of the best marketing tools you could use, however, in 2015 it’s going a little deeper. Content marketing is not just about blogging and building your brand but about becoming a presence on a variety of different channels.


To get the most out of content marketing in 2015, you will need to understand where your power influence is. This may be writing blogs, however it may also be podcasts, social videos etc.


Having content on various different channels allows you to hit a range of targets with a consistent brand message, it also gets your brand message out to more people than you would just writing a blog.


Statistics show that 70% of content marketers are creating more content than they did a year ago and this number is only going to rise even more so this year. Along with content marketing comes Real-Time Marketing, and Oreos “Dunk in the Dark” ad of Super Bowl 2013 was just the beginning. Real-Time marketing continues to grow and should be a vital part of your marketing strategy in 2015.



Mobiles will dominate

2014 saw a surge in spending from mobile ads and with more people shopping and searching on mobile and tablet rather than desktop. Mobile marketing is a unique advertising experience and an effective way of engaging with customers.


Not only is this the age of the bigger smartphone, but more people are simply spending more time online. In 2015 you want to make sure your digital business is effectively optimised for mobile, however don’t simply ‘scale down’ your campaigns and content for mobile. Start with mobile and ‘scale up’ to desktop, this way everyone can experience everything, no matter what they’re using.


The digital marketing industry is heading towards a mobile, faster, real time, more targeted automatic market, make sure you’re prepared.


There’s more to Video than just YouTube

Video isn’t just about YouTube anymore. No longer is it  (if it ever was) sufficient for a Brand Manager to take a TV commercial, put it on YouTube and consider their video marketing job done. Interaction with video outside of YouTube is increasing, particularly with emerging platforms Vine and GIFs on Tumblr, as well as, Instagram and Facebook introducing their video features.


In 2014 Facebook announced that they had more video views than YouTube, and whilst there was much debate as to why this is, it shows that you can’t just use YouTube to promote your Brand.


The introduction of new video platforms means you can become more creative with how you visually promote your business. Applying these techniques in your digital marketing strategy for 2015 will help you ensure a successful year.


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