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The business behind your businesses waste. DJB Recycling offer a total waste management solution for all types of businesses throughout the UK.

We have been working with DJB Recycling since 2013 to increase their online marketing presence and over the years have helped to increase their sales from 50 bins a week to 115 a day.


After a business expansion in 2015, we took DJB’s 3 websites and created one simple to use site, that includes up to date features, an easy to read layout and simplified functionality. From this, we were able to offer SEO and social media services and introduce the business to a completely new audience.

Using our in-house production team, we have produced a variety of videos for both on and offline use. Including social media and case study videos, we have also created a range of explainer videos the DJB team can use when explaining how to use their machines, and its benefits, to current or potential clients.

Working closely with the DJB team, we continue to create ongoing and relevant content for the business, including blogs, newsletters and videos. As our relationship continues to grow, we are able to boost their digital marketing presence and take them from a local business to a brand leader in their industry.

“I did have a picture and FORTAYmedia have achieved better than that”

Darren Bland, Managing Director