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Do you make it easy to buy from you?




The way we do business is changing fast. Today it’s all about speed. Clients no longer rely on sales messages to inform and persuade. They want to hear what other people think. They also want it easy.

So when was the last time you followed your client’s buying journey. The customer experience. From how they find out about you to how easy it is to do business with you?

You may be surprised to find that customers don’t always respond the way you thought they did. Things have changed. Ask anyone born after the 1980’s and they will tell you that their world is about ‘fingertip information’ and ‘easy purchase’ with the emphasis on ‘accessibility’

We all know that business growth is all about relationships. The repeat sale, the positive referral etc. making it even more important to fully understand the customer buying process. And with over half of all internet searching now undertaken using a mobile device and a huge increase in e-commerce, with over a third of all shoppers now doing most of their shopping on-line, the key phrase is ‘integrated marketing’

A seamless process from start to finish and most of it using a mobile device. Checking out what people think about you via social media and forums, watching a video about your product or service, and connecting with you via an app. all supported by a responsive website that automatically adapts to whatever device it is viewed on and much of it done ‘on the go’

Clients today expect to access your details across different devices and at a time to suit them. This puts huge demands on businesses to respond timely to tweets and Facebook comments, create websites that ‘respond’ to different devices and produce marketing material that makes it easy for potential clients to make an educated buying decision

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