Creating impressive Product Videos, your need to know

Creating impressive Product Videos, everything you need to know

Product videos can be used in a variety of different channels including social media or company websites.

They are an important part of your marketing strategy as they give the viewers the opportunity to connect with your brand. Nowadays, around 87% of companies are investing in product videos in order to boost their sales.

Popularity in the use of these videos in marketing strategies has increased dramatically since businesses have realised that potential clients are more likely to remember a product they watched a video about.

What is a Product Video?

Is a Product Video the same as a Branded Video?
The answer is no. Product videos would normally focus on familiarising the viewer with the benefits of a product or service, not with the brand.

A product video is one that exhibits the benefits of a particular product and allows the audience to feel like they have experimented with the product’s features.

Video is hands down the best way to get attention and deliver all the exciting details about a product or service.

People are more likely to retain information from a video and to also engage better with it!

In other words, it’s easier to digest. And it’s also highly shareable. Give your audience what they want to see, and they will spread the word out for you.

Product videos humanise the product experience, imitating the physical store experience in turn.

Even if you believe your product isn’t suitable for an interesting product video, there is probably someone out there looking for it.

A product video increases conversion rates by providing a creative and engaging story that demonstrates the product in the real world.

So, let’s get started!

What makes a good product video?

Many product videos focus on the “why” instead of the “how”. Consumers want to know how your product will solve their problems more than why they should buy it.

Firstly, a good product video should not only talk about the features of the product, but it should also demonstrate how it solves the consumer’s pain points.

Here are some other tips to take into account if you want your product video to stand out

Tell a story
Good storytelling and filmmaking are key to evoking emotion. You can either make a tutorial, a how-to video, or a video telling the story of the product.

Choose a style that better suits the message, the company, and the product.

Keep it short
You are not going to have people’s attention for long, so you should keep your video short and engaging.

Nobody is going to stick around for 10 minutes watching a promotional video – you want to keep it in between 1 and 3 minutes long.

The best product videos are not the ones that outline every feature about it, but the ones that make the potential clients want to know more about it.

Ask yourself, how many times did you watch a product video still need to Google it?

Some audiences won’t mind about extra video length if the video holds their attention.

Engage from the beginning
Shoppers are impatient. The first few seconds need to be relatable to consumers. Before listing all the features of a product, outline how your product solves the viewers problems.

Otherwise, you will lose them.

Make it entertaining
Keep your audience engaged and entertained, not just at the beginning.

This will also help increase shares and the clicks on the video. Be creative and you will see the benefits!

Be Human
The whole point of this type of video is to bring the product closer to the customer.

We want video production to show emotion and honesty, and text and images don’t get this across that well.

Make the audience feel as if that video was made for them. Know your audience, understand their problem. Talk to them.

Identify the Goal
Are you looking to present a new product? Increase sales? Educate your audience?

Before writing your script, you need to identify what you are trying to achieve and what message you are trying to deliver.

Know your audience
Talk to your audience. It is easier to sell a product when you make it relatable to your viewers.

How can you connect with consumers on an emotional level?

Try to keep them in mind when making the video – forget about the product or sales. How is your product going to solve their pain points?

What are the pain points the potential consumers are looking to solve? Have these people purchased with you before? Are you talking to your existing clients or new ones? What tone and style should the video have?

Guide the viewers in the right direction by including a strong call-to-action at the end of the video.

Tell them what you want them to do!

Have a look at this example from Dollar Shave Club.

Decide on the type of video

Animation or Live Action?

Animated Videos are great for abstract products and services and to simplify anything complex in order to make it easier for the audience.

Live-action videos, on the other hand, feel closer and more personal. These videos communicate emotions in a better, more efficient way.

Work within your budget and needs and understand how to best showcase the benefits of your product.

Types of product video

Classic Product Demo
Classic product demos show the product in detail and from different angles. They normally focus on the visual aspects of the product and include descriptions of the most important features of it.

It is important to note that these videos shouldn’t have a lot of technical information as the intention is to keep them light and simple!

Feature Video
In this case, the focus of the video is the features – or just one particular feature – of the displayed product. Feature videos show the product in action, often with someone demonstrating its usage.

Show the product in use!

Tutorials normally focus on the product’s features and functionality, but they also teach the user how to make them work.

These videos are meant to show the functionality of the product, usually in a step by step format.

Although they are extremely helpful, they are normally more beneficial for those who already own the product.

If you want to make a tutorial video to increase your sales, you should be more indirect. For example, you can show how certain tasks can be done more efficiently with your product.

This video style it’s suitable for anyone with a detailed product that would benefit from showing the small details. It is basically what it sounds like – a close-up of your product!


People tend to trust how things look on video a lot more than they would trust photographs – so is more likely to increase conversion rates.

The Story Video
Show the story behind the product. How is it made? Why is it made? When was it born and how? How is this product better than others?

Every company and product have their own story. Share it!

It will help consumers feel like they are buying from someone instead of a company. These videos connect with audiences and humanise a company and what it produces.

When a story is built around your product, it makes it memorable.

Benefits of Product Videos
If you want people to clearly understand your product or service, videos become the best option.Build trust with your consumers
Videos give you the chance to give your consumers an understanding of the product’s quality, uses, and functionality in a straightforward, efficient way.Easier to digest
A big paragraph of text can be turned into a short, entertaining video. Same information and purpose and better results!

Boost conversion and sales
It is a proven fact that consumers are more likely to buy a product after they have watched a video of it. And if they see the product in action before they buy it, they will be less likely to be unsatisfied with it and return it.

product video quote

Video adds value
Showcasing your product through visuals will give your audience more information which, in turn, they will remember for longer.

Boost your SEO
Video can boost your page rank in search, and it can also create additional backlinks to your site. It is highly shareable in social media or email, being able to boost email click-through rates by more than 200%.

With so many benefits of making a product video, what are you waiting for?

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