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What’s the Difference Between Explainer Videos and Demo Videos?

The growth of video marketing has demonstrated a progressing timeline of content marketing strategies and along the way, has introduced numerous genres of video content. Two of the most commonly used genres of video content are explainer videos and demo videos.

Both of these types of videos can effectively promote a business’ products and services; however, they have contrasting purposes and objectives. You might be wondering, ‘Which type is better for my business?’, well keep reading for a little more insight…


Marketing Sales Funnel


Firstly, a big difference between these two categories of video is that they operate at different stages          of the sales funnel.

If you’re unfamiliar with the sales funnel, it is a marketing term used to signify the journey of conversions that potential customers go through on their route to purchasing from a company.

Whilst explainer videos are used nearer the top of the sales funnel, demo videos are utilised towards the bottom of the sales funnel.



Explainer videos are most practical in the awareness and interest stages of the sales funnel. This is because their purpose is to raise awareness about products and services and maximise brand visibility. Explainer videos are effective at introducing products and services in a simple, subtle and engaging way.

On the other hand, demo videos are more functional in the desire and action stages. By this point of the sales process, the customer is already interested in the product or service that is being presented, but they may just want some more detailed information regarding that specific product before they make the purchase. That is where demo videos come in.



Explainer videos are renowned for their simplicity and concision. Typically, they are animated videos that utilise graphics and visuals to illustrate complex ideas or processes and explain a product, service or concept. Most often, explainer videos are employed to introduce a new product or service.


So How Are They Different to Demo Videos?


Explainer videos have the potential to be viral and memorable which will increase brand awareness.

Effective explainer videos can be at the centre of the internet’s butterfly effect if done effectively. If your explainer video can catch one person’s attention and keep them engaged, they might give it a like and a share and your brand is then automatically more visible.


Many businesses struggle to proclaim their ideas to their audience, especially if they are difficult to explain via text or image, this is where the idea of explainer videos originated in 2008/2009. Explainer videos allow a company to describe the who, what, when, where, why and how a product was created as well as clarify their value propositions in a compelling way.

Definition of a Value Proposition


Explainer videos focus on communicating your value proposition to your target audience rather than focusing on the less interesting details of the product/service itself. There is plenty of room for creativity with these kinds of videos and if done effectively, the explainer videos can be engaging and memorable. Moreover, a business can showcase unique brand elements of its product or service when creating explainer videos to increase brand awareness.


An example of when an explainer video may be particularly useful is when business is being conducted between companies (B2B marketing). Explainer videos provide the opportunity to explain what resources and software you use alongside your company process and features. This can encourage the deal to move forward.



Demo videos showcase a product or service in action. Usually, a demo video is created to demonstrate the features of a product or service and how it meets a particular need.

A lot of the time, these videos are live-action and are used as physical evidence of how the product or service works, but they can also be animated. This can be helpful for customers who want more detail before making a purchase or, have purchased the product and are searching for a demonstration of how it works.


So How Are They Different to Explainer Videos?


When selling a product or service, there will be people who do not trust that your product will meet their standards and will doubt your genuineness. Demo videos are the perfect way to reassure them otherwise.

Unlike an explainer video which tells you about a product/service, a demo video shows you the product/service. This video contains physical proof that your product works. It also acts as a sales pitch enhancer.


A demo video usually includes:

  • Showing how the product works
  • Testimonials from existing customers
  • Giveaway announcements for sample products


All these components inform a potential customer how a product works without the need to buy it first which increases brand trust. Especially with the growth of online shopping, it is important that consumers still feel as though they can see the product properly before purchasing it as they would if they were shopping in-store.


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