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Explainer Videos – Video for Business


4 out of 5 consumers believe that demo videos are helpful, and explainer videos are as helpful as they come.

Here’s how to produce and maximise your Explainer Videos to their fullest potential

What are Explainer Videos?
Explainer videos are educational videos that teach your audience how to solve a problem or show how to correctly perform a task.

An example of an explainer video is the one above. They’re great content to add to a blog, post on your social platforms, or add in support documentation. Think of them like an FAQ page but better, and like an FAQ page they answer questions your customers, or potential customers might have.

To produce your explainer video, it’s important to put plenty of time and effort into the pre-production. Plan in detail what you’re trying to explain and whether it is easy to understand.

• Do certain aspects need graphics on screen?
• What angle will best highlight what you’re trying to show?

List the points you need to get across in the video first, then build your script around that, making sure you hit all the points.

Explainer videos tend to be around 2-5 minutes in length, so it’s imperative that the content is dynamic and engaging.

If your explainer video is someone speaking directly to camera, like ours above, try using an autocue if you’re not fully confident in the information you’re sharing.

There are a couple of other ways you can film direct to camera that will help with remembering content, these include

• Filming in bitesize chunks – Don’t try and take too much on. Rehearse a section of the video, then record it.  Then simply push in the shot to make it different from the last.
• Read from a script and have the camera focus on whatever you’re explaining. The script can be recorded at the time of filming or can be recorded after you have edited the video together

Measure the metrics
Once your video is live and starting to gain engagement, keep an eye on which parts of the video are being viewed more than once. It could mean that the section was more difficult to understand and may need its own explainer video, alternatively, you may need to re-visit the video to make the point clearer.

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