Fun Training For Results - Case Study | FORTAYmedia

“You gave me a website to be proud of”

Sally Roberts, founder of Fun Training For Results

Fun Training For Results is a Sales and Customer Service training provider in the UK. They work with organisations that want to sell more and have happy customers. 

We worked closely with the Fun Training For Results team to create a website they could be proud of and showcased their personality, brand attributes and culture. We made sure to understand in every step what the company wanted to achieve, making it easy and approachable for them.

“I felt like my hand was being held all the way through”

Listening to their needs and goals, we provided not only a new site but also a platform where they could add value to their company and expand their audience that they could update as and when they wish. An original, professional and sleek website that “talks corporate language but reflects fun, new and exciting”.

“They just made the process really easy and listened, really listened, to what I wanted to reflect”

Sally Roberts, founder of Fun Training For Results