Video Production

Fusionex approached us to produce a range of case study videos and short animation videos for their marketing strategy.

Fusionex Ltd, part of the Fusionex group, is an IT software company specialising in the aggregation and analysis of data. The business helps their clients to manage and derive useful insights from the vast amounts of structured and unstructured data.

Throughout 2015, Fusionex approached the FORTAYmedia video team to produce a range of case study videos. We worked with Fusionex, and edited the videos together, to ensure all relevant information featured in the final cut. The 2-3 minute videos feature clients explaining how the Fusionex system worked better for them than previous data systems. Our video team travelled to the client’s location to film the videos. Filming the videos at business location also shows the range of industries that use the system.

We also provided short animations for the company to use in their own marketing strategy. The videos target specific industries and outline how the data system can benefit their business. Again working closely with the Fusionex team to ensure everyone was happy with the final outcome.

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