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The Possibilities are Endless With Our Green Screen Studio Hire

Green Screen Studio Hire

Our green screen studio is located just 5 minutes from Sheffield City Centre. An ideal filming location as part of our Video Production services or to hire for independent filming. The studio was designed and built to broadcasting standards, making it perfect for Film & TV, Photography, Advertising, Corporate Videos and more. 

Complete with an infinity green screen and white colorama back drop, our studio is built in house, giving you access to our full range of facilities. Perfect for videos requiring background elimination, the studio is equipped with professional lighting and equipment ready to use. 

Our Lighting, Cameras & Equipment

Green Screen Studio Rental Services

An idea is all you need

With the busy world of video content, it has become increasingly important that your videos stand out. Also known as chroma key technology, the green is replaced in the editing stage transporting your video to your desired setting. 

There are a number of different benefits to using our green screen for your video production including: