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Green Screen Studio Hire

Our purpose-built, infinity green screen studio is in an ideal location that is just five minutes from Sheffield City Centre. Designed and built to the highest broadcasting standards, our versatile studio is one of our most sought-after assets. Not only does it function as a filming space for our various video production projects, but it is also available to hire for independent filming. From TV productions to corporate videos, captivating photography projects to dynamic advertising shoots, this limitless creation space is perfect for all your visionary needs.

Choose how you want the studio set up!

Take a look at the three different setups we have to offer in our studio. This way you can see the infinite potential of our Sheffield-based Green Screen Studio and visualise how it will help to bring your ideas to life.


Each of the below setups will provide you with the perfect studio space for any video or photography project that require background elimination with professional lighting and equipment.

The Possibilities are endless!

With our green screen infinity curve, you have the freedom to transform the studio into whatever you desire; whether it be a game show, talk show or even outer space! The options really are limitless.

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Our Facilities & Equipment

Complete with an infinity green screen and white Colorama backdrop, our studio is built in house, giving you access to our full range of facilities.

Perfect for videos requiring background elimination, the studio is equipped with professional lighting and equipment ready to use. 

Our experienced & knowledgeable team of professionals will also work closely alongside you to prevent any post-production errors.

Our in-house facilities include

Lighting, Cameras & Extras


Most frequent questions and answers

We have kino flows all the way around the room, that are all fully controlled from an iPad. Each light features different colours & FX including dimmable settings to make it easy to hone them down to a particular style.

We have a rig set up so you can move the lights around very very easily. Some of the lights are on tracks to be able to move them backwards and forwards to again, craft your perfect lighting set up.

The lights at the back are on scissor lifts as well, so you can easily lift these up & down.

The studio has got as good a sound proofing as you can get, it has plenty of foam acoustics around, and when you pull the curtains across at either side, you shouldn’t really have any echo at all.

Our green screen is 4.6 metres wide, just under 3 metres tall and around 3 metres in depth.  

There is also the same amount of space on the other side of the studio for equipment, desk space and your team. 

We have two different types of hireable rates which include our dry hire which featuring just the studio as is seen in the video above or our Wet Hire which features a Camera and a camera operator. We also have a list of all our hireable equipment, but it’s probably best to give us a call and we can discuss what you may need.

Our green screen studio is located just 5 minutes from Sheffield City Centre. An ideal filming location as part of our Video Production services or to hire for independent filming.

We pride ourselves on providing no hidden cost packages which is why all of our packages include full access to our lighting rig and in-house facilities.

Our in-house team will even rig & set up the lighting for all our packages according to your requirements to ensure your green screen production is filmed perfectly on the day to ensure no post-production headaches.

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An Idea is All You Need...

With the busy world of video content, it has become increasingly important that your videos stand out. Also known as chroma key technology, the green is replaced in the editing stage transporting your video to your desired setting. 

There are a number of different benefits to using our green screen for your video production including:

We are even able to provide bespoke extras depending on your needs including talent, crew, post-production and professional editing to make your life easier.

What People Say About Our Green Screen

Resolution Television

Our Wet Hire Package allowed Resolution TV to focus on the final product including post production

Ricardo Lacombe

Our Dry Hire Package allowed Ricardo to create a new style of music video with a quick turn around time

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Our studio is in the heart of the steel city just 5 minutes from Sheffield City Centre. Built in house featuring an infinity green screen and white colorama backdrop, there’s nothing we can’t achieve with our facilities.