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Hotel Video Tours



Open more doors and bring your hotel to life with a professionally produced Hotel Video Tour.


Video is now becoming the ‘must have’ for hotels to entice customers. Hotels already using online tours are finding a 48% increase in bookings, showing video to be the number one marketing tool for the hospitality industry.


A Video Tour takes the viewer through everything you have to offer. Customers are taken from your lobby and walked through everything they would experience if they book to stay in your Property.


Whether they’re looking for a spa treatment, finding new favourites at the bar or just looking forward to a comfy bed, video tours show the essence of your hotel in just a few short minutes. Including a Video Tour as part of your marketing strategy is a sure fire way to increase your bookings.


Here’s why.


It’s a fact that only 20% of people will read the text you have on your website, whereas 80% will view your video, proving the value of visual content. Video adds an extra dimension to your marketing, giving the viewer your hotel experience before they arrive.


It is also a great way to engage with your audience, people are more likely to spend time viewing the rest of your website if you’ve hooked them with a video.


Although traditional photography may still a favourite for many hotels, one moment doesn’t always capture the whole experience you have to offer. A video inspires, informs and influences the decisions of the 92% of mobile video viewers who share videos with others.


Video adds a personal touch to your marketing strategy. They allow viewers an insight into your hotel and surrounding amenities, enabling them to visualise the experience they’ll have once they arrive.


Your Hotel Video can be used to market your hotel in many different ways. If you’re looking to display your hotel’s wedding and conference facilities, or simply let the quality of your bedrooms speak for themselves, a video tour is the perfect opportunity to showcase your hotel.


It’s also a great tool to use alongside promotional offers and an easy way for people to recommend others into booking with you.


A video on your website will also help you rank higher on Google. The search engine is now ranking websites with videos higher than those without, creating more exposure for your website and more bookings for your hotel.


Embedding your video onto a website is an ideal way of showcasing your hotel. There are also an increasing number of video hosting sites such as YouTube – now the second biggest networking site after Facebook – and social media platforms that make it even easier to share your videos.


A video captures the essence of your hotel and showing this to your customers just became easier. No longer do you have to struggle finding words to describe your business, a video is the perfect way to demonstrate everything you want to say.



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