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How to create and maximise video for Social Media Platforms


In the video above, we talk about videos on social media platforms and what to think about when creating them.

Video is become increasingly on social media, and some may even argue that the content is now leading in terms of how to build engagement on your platforms.

The great thing about social videos is that they can be as basic or as complex as you like. Cut them down from versions of longer videos or create and develop bespoke videos specifically for social media.

Including grabbing attention, displaying more information in a short space of time and teasing viewers into watching longer content, there are endless benefits to using video on social media. However, there’ certain aspects you need to think about when creating a video to post on social media.

Although people like to watch video on social media, not many actually listen to the sound. Around 85% of people don’t listen to videos when they’re being watched on a social media platform.
Most social media is consumed in environments where videos can’t (or shouldn’t) necessarily be viewed, for example in a doctors waiting room or sneakily scrolling through Facebook in a meeting that really could have been an email.
To overcome this barrier, it’s vital that your video needs to be either infographic based or has big bold subtitles, this way, the content can be consumed, without disturbing the office manager explaining the new recycling system for the third time this week.

Video Dimensions
To get the most out of our videos on Facebook, think about the shape of your video.
Most videos are standard size 16:9 (1920 x 1080). In order for your video to create as much impact as possible, you either need to cut the sides of your existing video (I hope everything in your video is central) or create a square video to begin with.

Try producing a portrait video. Whilst we’re told to film videos vertically, a portrait video on Facebook will fill an entire phone screen, so no distractions or temptation to scroll on from your content.

We scroll through our phones quickly. Either trying to consume as much content as possible, or only consume the interesting things that capture our attention.
Think about this when trying to capture your audience’s attention. You need to grab your viewers attention, visually, in the first few seconds or they will keep scrolling.
Don’t start with a static image. Create something that is bold and has movement from the start.

Video Length
The average length for a social media video is 2 minutes, however we like to say 30 seconds is the goal. The quicker you can provide the viewer with the content they need, and then allow them to keep scrolling, the more likely they are to interact with your video. This is because, our attention greatly declines when we’re scrolling through social.

If you have more content you want the viewer to consume, try directing them to watch the whole video on YouTube or your website, places audiences willingly go to spend longer consuming content.

Measure and Improve
In order to improve your videos, you want to measure the metrics that are available to you. Make a note of the views, shares and comments. The best time to post on social media depends on a number of different factors, including the platform, business/ brand and its audience. Gone are the days when a simple post at 9am, 1pm and 5pm would suffice.

Take a look at your Insights or Analytics, depending on the platform you’re using.
If your Page is fairly new, try testing. Schedule for various times throughout the day and see which post creates the most engagement, and therefore the most exposure for your business.

Whilst there’s a range of options business when it comes to creating social media videos, this is hopefully a helpful place for you to start creating.
If you need any help or advice for your online marketing, please get in touch.

Oh BTW, Paper in the Paper box and you can’t recycle Tin Foil. (THREE TIMES)

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