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How to create engaging Social Media Videos

If you are looking to create social media videos, it’s because you have realised how important video is for your marketing strategy.

Currently, over 8 billion videos are watched on Facebook every day, and one billion users are creating videos via stories daily.

Not only that, statistics show that 55% of people watch videos online every day.

That is a big audience!


There has been an explosion of growth in video on social media in recent years.

This is enough to prove video content is the king.

But believe me, this is not a secret anymore.

More and more brands are leveraging video content to grow their businesses and increase online reach, and it works. It is a proven fact that it works.

But it’s not enough with just any video.

Social media videos need to be engaging, innovative and topical, and short enough to keep the audience engaged in your content.

Let’s face it. If you want to stand out, you need to make some effort.

What are the main ingredients your video needs to have?

Plan, plan, plan!
Who is your audience? Is the video for YouTube, Instagram or Facebook? How long is it going to be? What message do you want to put across?

You must know the answer to all these questions before you start to even think about the content of the video. This will make it simpler for you, and it will help you organise your ideas.

Keep the message simple

After planning and organising your ideas, you will probably realise that you have a lot to say. However, trying to fit all the information in just one video won’t help you at all.

Elaborate a short and simple message that you want your audience to remember and leave the rest for another video.

Find out what people like
When you are creating and posting videos, it pays to know your target audience. Find out what they like and give them exactly that!

If you have previous content on social media, study which one is more popular or the most shared. Then, when your video is ready to go, use ad tools to direct the content to your targeted audience.

Know which platform you will use for your video

Different social channels have different audiences with different pain points and interests.

If you are unsure about what works on each platform, you can have a look at this Social Video Cheatsheet to learn which video works best for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter.

However, a video’s popularity depends on many factors, and it’s not a science. It will take trial and error to discover what videos are best for your businesses.

Don’t be scared of trying!

Most people won’t listen to the video
Around 85% of people don’t listen to videos on social media.

A lot of social media is consumed in environments where videos can’t (or shouldn’t) be viewed.  We don’t want everyone to know we are scrolling through Facebook in a Zoom meeting!

That’s why you should consider including captions of what is being said in your videos. It will help people stay even if they can’t hear it!

Video dimensions and length

Think about the shape of your video.

A portrait video will fill an entire phone screen, and it will help to maintain the viewers more engaged in the content, without distractions. So, whenever possible, try to either cut the sides of your video or create a square or portrait video since the beginning.

Keep in mind this is a video for social media, so make it short. The average length for a social media video is 2 minutes, however, anything around 30 seconds will be just perfect.

Make the viewers stay

Social media users might find your video interesting, but their objective will be to keep scrolling. So be quick grabbing their attention!

Start your video with the best impactful footage, message or graphics. Don’t leave the best until last.

Types of Social Media Videos

There are loads of different ways to engage with your potential customers through video content.

Here are just some of the types of videos you can create for your social media channels.

About us Videos
Give an insight into the team behind your company and share your backstory. About us videos are one of the most popular videos you see on business websites these days.

As potential customers begin to progress from the awareness to the consideration stage of the marketing funnel, it is important to introduce them to the authentic side of your brand.

Product Demo Videos

A product demonstration video illustrates how your product works by showing it in action. Your video may be entertaining, impactful or emotional, but it will surely make the potential consumers interested in what you have to offer.

While it can be tempting to focus entirely on features, be sure to solve the pain points your product or service can solve for your audience.

Promo Videos
Promotional videos are a great way to tell social media users you are there. They are designed to promote your business and its products and services.

This type of videos is used for promoting a specific marketing initiative, sale or event. You can also use them for attracting new visitors! Sometimes, all a future customer or client needs is just an extra push to try your product or service.

Customer Testimonials 

A customer testimonial is simply an existing customer of your product or service sharing their experience and thoughts about your brand and company.

The key to a video testimonial is authenticity.

Around 88% of people trust online reviews and take them into account before spending their money. People influence people!

The great part about this type of video is that your own consumers are selling your business for you.

Event Videos
Are you hosting an event to promote your brand or company? Have you ever thought of making a video about it to get your message across to more people?

Spread the word!

Also, most event organisers have recognised how important video content is in making people aware of the actual event. The key is to generate excitement.

You can use event videos all along the marketing funnel stages:

–       Before the event to drive virality
–       During the event to engage with your audience
–       After the event to have a memory of it and invite people to attend another event in the future

How-to Videos
Have you ever learned how to do something with the help of an internet search? How many times has a cooking video distracted you while scrolling through Facebook?

Interesting How-To videos are incredibly popular and a great opportunity for brands to show off their products.

Behind the Scenes
The informality of behind-the-scenes (BTS) content marries perfectly with social media’s sense of community by giving your audience a peek at what your company is really like.

This helps your audience feel like they are part of the company and they gain a deeper understanding of everything that goes into your business. It also helps to humanise your business and showcase the people behind it.

You can also use tools social media platforms offer to share this type of content. Instagram or Facebook stories and Instagram reels… allow behind the scenes content to be even more casual.


User-generated videos

As the name might suggest, user-generated videos are those created by people, rather than brands. Consumers are more likely to view this type of content as it is more authentic compared to the content created by corporations.

This will also help to create trust. People will trust more of an opinion that comes from a consumer than from the brand itself. Sounds obvious, right?

If you are still not convinced about the importance of video marketing on social media, go ahead and have a look at these video marketing statistics.

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