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How to create powerful video content




Now you’ve decided to give video a go, it’s time to consider how to create a video that creates real impact and that means producing powerful content.

The first step is to sit down and work out what you want the video to achieve. ‘More sales’ is fairly obvious but how is this going to happen? A lot of the answers will depend on the type of product or service you are selling.

If it’s a low cost consumer item, then a snappy commercial style ending with a call to action may be the most appropriate. For example, here’s an animated video we produced for a low priced retail packed product. On the other hand, a longer term sales cycle will require a ‘video with substance’.

This may include a ‘case study’ led approach using client testimonials and personal interviews with key members of staff. For example once you have decided the video’s ‘purpose’ – to explain, excite, entertain etc, then it’s time to work out its structure. Work backwards and decide what action you want the viewer to take. To phone you, visit your website or learn more about what you do.

Then decide how the video will be used, as this will have a bearing on its content and style. Is it going to appear on your website as an ‘introduction’ to the company or a client testimonial that can be downloaded on to your smart phone or tablet?

A professional video company will help you create a ‘feel’ for your video and offer advice on its structure but there is nothing to stop you doing it yourself (look out for our future blog on ‘DIY Video’). Whichever route you take, it’s worth producing a storyboard – just as they do when making a feature film.

A storyboard is just as it sounds, a visual representation (either produced electronically or pen and paper) of how your video will look – scene by scene. A series of drawings with notes that explain what you want to achieve from your video and the filming sequence. Creating a storyboard will also help you produce a script and make your editing easier.

This initial stage takes time but will save time in the long run, especially if you include camera angles and transition shots. It is also useful when it comes to sharing your ideas with others – especially if you are filming on their premises.

Video is all about relationships, especially between the viewer and the subject matter and this is probably the first hurdle that most Businesses face. How to get the message across. Looking at others’ videos helps which is why pro video producers will produce a ‘mood reel’ to help clients decide what they like and more importantly not like. If you are doing it yourself, a few night’s trawling through (relevant – be strict with keywords) YouTube footage could help.

In addition to having a clear purpose to your video (what do you want to achieve?) and producing a storyboard (to help create the structure), you need to consider the technical aspect. Anyone with a smartphone can now produce HD quality video. However, whether anyone will want to sit down and watch your ‘efforts’ is entirely down to your skill and expertise. A professional video company has the expertise, experience and facilities to turn your ideas into a polished showcase – all wrapped up with the wow factor.

Having said that, doing it yourself is a great way of ‘testing the water’ and in a future blog we will share some tricks of the trade to help you create your own DIY Video.

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