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How to write engaging social media copy

The most underrated aspect of social media marketing today…


We’re all guilty of focusing on the importance of visuals when it comes to social media. Whilst it’s true a good visual will capture the attention of your audience as they scroll down their feed, a standout visual without enticing copy to accompany it can and will fall flat with audiences.

Whether the aim of your post is to engage, sell or entertain, the right social media copy will most likely be the deciding factor between audiences taking action or continuing to scroll through their feed.

Copy comes in all different shapes and sizes
What you write and how you write will depend on industry, audience, your business and the platform you’re posting too. For example, longer captions on LinkedIn are currently outperforming all other post types

Follow your Brand Guidelines
A good set of brand guidelines for your business should determine tone of voice, tag lines and feature stand out keywords. This gives your marketers an idea of your brand personality and how to portray your business through copy.

Don’t forget who you’re talking to
Social media is the perfect place to have fun and showcase your business personality. However, be sure to stick to the purpose of the post, your message is easy to understand and any call to actions are clear for your audience.

Know your platforms
Longer captions are currently having their moment in the spotlight, even on Instagram. Be sure to remember every platform offers users a different type of content and therefore garner a different type of audience.

It’s never a bad idea to change up your content to suit the different platforms you’re posting to.

Think about why people visit the individual platform you’re posting to.

LinkedIn is great for business posts and the B2B industry whereas you only have 280 characters on Twitter to keep people interested.


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Short isn’t always sweet
Like we said previously, long, interesting copywriting is currently winning.

Whilst audience attention spans are at the forefront of marketer’s minds, we should also be evaluating how people spend their time on each platform.

Long form copy has been working for a while. This 2018 study from AdEspresso tested seven Facebook ads ranging from one sentence to six paragraphs with the best performing ads being longer.

Try mixing up the length of your captions, platform dependant, and see which brings you the most success.

People want to Learn
45% of people who consume content on LinkedIn hold upper-level positions e.g. C-Suite members, directors, managers.

These are people who constantly want to learn about industry news and updates, so your copy should seek to fulfil this need.

Similarly, the rise in educational accounts on Instagram continues to grow:

National Geographic post breath taking photography as well as information about the natural world, wild animals and different cultures.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by National Geographic (@natgeo)

Follow History in Pics for amazing snapshots from the past.

WTF Fun Facts for Fun facts that make you go ‘wtf?!’


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by WTF FUN FACTS. (@wtffunfacts)

TED Talks for a unique mix of interesting knowledge, quotes, ideas and real-life stories.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by TED Talks (@ted)

Note: all of their social media copy continues to tell the story/ message behind the visual

Put your audience first
Your social media accounts aren’t for you. They’re for your audience.

The content you post, whether that’s visual or copy, should do at least one of four things:
Inform, Educate, Entertain or Engage

Tell a Story
If all else fails, a great way to create an engaging social media caption is to tell a story.

Whether that’s a struggle, anecdote or something your audience can relate to. Telling a story across any platform helps to show personality and connection with your audience.


Don’t forget, whether you choose to write short or long copy, social media is about being social!

Social: Talking to people and trying to get them to participate in a conversation with you, not you talking to them.

Testing is key and no matter which social platform your brand is active on, great copywriting is the key to engaging with your followers more effectively.


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