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Why Instagram is a must for Businesses and Brands

With 250 million active Instagram users posting each day and with a total of 700 million users, we have to ask the question:

Is Instagram the ideal social media platform for businesses to share and communicate?

With global celebrities, blogger, vloggers and businesses using the app and users saying it’s great for promoting and advertising, are small companies missing out on something big?

Instagram was founded by Kevin Synstrom and Mike Krieger in October 2010 when Synstrom posted the first photo of billions to come. In the following years, the app took the world by storm, but what is it people were finding so interesting?

Seeing the rising success of the app, Facebook bought Instagram from founders Krieger and Synstrom in 2012 with Mark Zuckerberg quoting

‘This is an important milestone for Facebook because it’s the first time we’ve ever acquired a product and company with so many users.’

Instagram is a platform where you can share photos and videos along with captions that your friends and other users can see, giving them the ability to ‘like’ the photo by double tapping, comment on the picture or even save it to look back on at a later date. There is also the ability to message people using Instagram direct and even the opportunity for businesses to advertise their services or products. But the app hasn’t always been like this, only adding features like direct messaging in late 2013 and stories, much like Snapchat, in August of 2016.

With an age restriction of 13, Instagram’s main age demographic is 18 – 29-year-olds with 59% of users falling in this age bracket and 33% of internet users between the ages of 30 and 49 using Instagram.

However, like most other social media sites, Instagram attracts teens and young adults with many quoting it as Facebook for the younger generation.

Instagram is becoming a huge place for businesses to advertise and use famous faces to help them do so. From makeup and beauty companies to gaming and media communities all using Instagram as their main base for advertising. Celebrities, athletes, singers, actors, bloggers and Youtubers including some huge influencer, like Zoella, Adele and Justin Bieber all use the app to further promote their brand.

How do brands and businesses use Instagram, and for what purpose?

Starting with Zoella, one of the biggest YouTube influencers racking up 12 million followers and counting. She uses Instagram to share her life, post selfies and everyday pictures and to further promote her brand Zoella Beauty.

Celebrities like Adele or Justin Bieber will also show what they are up to, promote their music and upcoming tours. Furthermore big brands like Apple also use the app for promotional purposes. Using social media as their main marketing source when it comes to releasing new products.

Businesses use their Instagram profiles to further build their brands. Using Facebook and Instagram ads helps business to reach their target audience and therefore build on likes and views. Forbes Agency Council showed on an average day a video advertisement on Facebook would get around 1,500 views, that same video on Instagram would get up to 10,900.

Are you using Instagram for your business?

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