J&J Commercial Finance - Case Study | FORTAYmedia

“Sometimes you just need the experts to come in and help you out”

Jamie Baggaley, Director

J&J Commercial Finance is an independent company specialised in Commercial Finance Solutions, providing Commercial and Business Finance support to SME clients throughout.

Our team worked closely with J&J to provide the company with videos, website design and development and social media management. As a solopreneur, Jamie was looking to gain more brand awareness for his company and therefore he needed a professional team to give him a hand.

Our social team designed a tailored strategy for J&J that led to more enquiries coming through their social media channels, a new referral source they didn’t have previously.

Adding the efforts of our professionals we managed to create an all-round package that increased J&J’s notoriety and encouraged more customers coming through different channels.

“I know people talk about price but the return you can get in that investment is probably more worth than the time and hassle of actually doing it yourself”

Jamie Baggaley, Director