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John Wilson Blades – Every Step of the Way

Our latest Video Production is for figure skating blade maker John Wilson Blades.

With Sheffield gaining the international reputation in the 19th Century for steel production, it’s only fitting that the John Wilson headquarters is based in the steel city.

John Wilson was the 17th Century Royal toolmaker tasked with designing skates for the Royal Court. In 1841, Queen Victoria even requested ‘John Wilson’ skates for herself and her husband. Little did John know, that more than 300 years later his name would still be renowned for precision technology and innovation in blade design.


Liam and Tom, JW Marketing Director & CEO, approached our team to produce an advert focused on the dedication, challenges, suffering and victory of a skating athlete.

“The Brand, not the Blades”

In order to build brand identity, we created a piece focussing on the struggles of a female figure skater, and the determination to reach her full potential and beyond.

We focused the visuals of the advertisement on the skaters experiences and determination from a young age. With sound playing a vital part in the final product, we chose a piece that focussed on the videos atmosphere, as well as playing on the emotions of the videos audience.

Keen on a quick turnaround for the advert to be released before the Olympic Qualifiers, and so we could shoot the footage in an empty ice rink, we filmed throughout the night at Ice Sheffield.

Over the last 50 years, National, World and Olympic champions have skated to victory on John Wilson blades.

The relationship skaters have with John Wilson is a journey, from their first pair of precision blades to the blood, sweat and tears it takes an athlete to get to the top of their game. The final piece outlines this and emulates to viewers that John Wilson are with them on their journey, Every Step of the Way.

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