John Wilson Blades

Video Production



Over the last 50 years, National, World and Olympic champions have skated to victory on John Wilson blades. The largest challenge they have faced as a brand, however, is story telling.

In order to produce a successful video, you must first understand the brand. 

To begin to develop a story, it was important to understand the past 50 years of John Wilson blades. Acknowledging the history, products, brand ethos, target audience and followers ensured we had the tools and knowledge to produce a video that would resonate with the brand in an engaging and valuable way.

“For views on the video across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter we’re creeping up on a quarter of a million. Across the platforms we only have 25,000 followers, so we were pleasantly surprised to look at the analytics”

Tom Cantwell, Chief Executive Officer

Creating a story, whilst still focusing heavily on the blades resulted in a final piece that helped to boost the John Wilson brand, in as little as a week.

46.3k views, 83 RT’s and 284 loves.

134k views, 490 shares and 1.9k reactions.

47.4k views and 5,262 likes

“I am very proud of what we have created here. Everyone at Fortay has done an absolutely brilliant job. We’ve gained a lot of skills from this job, and we can take them onto the next job and create something even better”

Adam Wager, Creative Director

Every Step of the Way – The Final Video