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How we successfully Launched and Fully Booked a new service in the middle of a National Lockdown

The Business
We have been digital partners with Sheffield based DJB Recycling since 2013, working to increase their digital marketing presence as well as increase sales and position their brand as a thought leader in their industry. Our partnership has seen our two business collaborate on their business expansion in 2015, as well as introducing a number of new services through our years of working together.

The Story
In March 2020, just as our team were preparing to launch DJB’s new Skip Hire Service, the UK went into its first national lockdown. With a marketing strategy created for a world pre-covid, all work we had in place had to be re-evaluated, and fast.

As our office closed, all filming dates temporarily halted and our team began working from home, it turns out a little luck was on our side. Whilst we had not officially marketed the new service, our Creative Directors neighbours had a DJB skip delivered to their house. Although, we couldn’t film the original video we had planned, Adam had his camera gear with him and was able to film the skip delivery process in order to create a social media video ready for the service launch.

As we were finalising the video in post-production, our web team worked closely with the team at DJB to create a landing page where customers could visit to find out more information, answer any questions they may have and book the skip they need.

Once the video and landing page was complete, it was over to our social media team to launch and advertise.

The Results
With the content and booking system in place, we posted and advertised DJB Recycling’s new Skip Hire services on April 17th 2020. Using our teams experience and knowledge of Facebook Ads and Audience targeting, by the 5th May 2020, just over 2 weeks after official launch, there was a waiting list for the skips as they were officially ‘Fully Booked!’

By the 15th of June, DJB Recycling had bought more skips and were advertising for a new position in order to keep up with demand.

The new marketing strategy we put into place continued to gain success throughout the year.


“We have worked closely with Fortay Media for a number of years now so when we decided to launch our new skip service we knew they would be able to help. They created an ad for us that was to be run across various social media platforms, by a stroke of luck Adam at Fortay was on hand to film one of our skips being delivered which led to a much more engaging ad”

“The ad was set live and I have to say we were totally blown away with the response we had to the point we couldn’t actually keep up with the demand. Gladly we are now on top of things and the skip service has become a valuable part of our business”

– Darren Bland, DJB Recycling Managing Director


The Takeaway
This was one of the first challenges we faced in 2020. The year saw our team adapt and learn quicker than ever before.

The two biggest takeaways from this success were:

One of the main benefits of our company is how we integrate our Web, Video and Social services. Whilst we may not have been able to sit down together in the studio, bounce around new ideas and create a new strategy, we were still able to work as a team to launch a successful campaign.

We also worked extremely closely with DJB Recycling to not only ensure a successful launch but make sure their customers would also be well informed and happy with the services they were about to receive.

Adapt, don’t Disappear
Our team could have reevaluated and put the launch on hold until later in the year, once the lockdown was complete. Instead, we thought on our feet, adapted the existing marketing strategy and launched the new service with massive success!

Sometimes, the best and most successful marketing strategies are those that didn’t take months to plan. Keeping your ear to the ground and adapting your services to circumstances happening in the world, country or even just your industry can help to see your business success.


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