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Marketing through a Crisis

In times of crisis, it can be hard for marketers to know where to begin. In a few short weeks the world has shifted dramatically with social media reflecting this. With the world changing, it’s vital for marketing strategies to adapt too. Think of your marketing in the short, medium and long term, and know where you should and shouldn’t be making changes.


Think Long Term

Don’t turn off your marketing. Instead of adapting, many smaller brands have decided to stay quiet and stop posting completely during the current crisis. Turning off your marketing could have a bigger impact than you think in the long term.

Statistically, it takes 3 years for sales to recover after a marketing budget is cut by 50%

Don’t make the recovery process harder than it needs to be. Think about it, with the UK currently in lockdown, many are dreaming and even listing what they’re wanting to do when this is all over. If you’re a restaurant and have turned off your marketing, how can people look forward to visiting you in the future if you haven’t exposed your brand to them in the past few weeks.

This doesn’t mean turning on the existing marketing plan you had in place before the crisis happened. Park that and save it for another time. Now is the time to get savvy and adapt.


Helping Hand

Think about what your organisation could do to help. Whether that’s taking your audiences mind off of the current crisis – if even for a second. Or looking at the services you offer and adapting them for the time being.

Work with your colleagues (from home, of course) to understand what your company could offer that would be helpful. Whether that’s offering a vital service for a lower price or free – or looking to redesign a process to give access to online that wasn’t readily available before.

Focus on key areas of your business that would be the most beneficial to others and be aware of the areas you should avoid pushing for now. If clients remember the positive impact your business had during this situation, you’ll be well positioned when it’s all over.


It’s Not a Marketing Ploy

Just like your regular marketing plan, you don’t have to jump on the back of every major thing happening in the world.

Don’t use the current crisis in an irrelevant way to relate it back to your business – it is not the time to use this to your advantage to try to gain more clients.

Show your audience we’re all working together

Trying to capitalise on the current crisis could also ruin your brand reputation.

We understand as guidelines continue to change, so will your business structure and you will need to make the necessary announcements – but you don’t need to relate everything you do back to the current crisis. People will get tired of hearing about it and eventually, tired of you.


Sales and Audience Expansion

Even though we’ve just outlined the above – sales for your business are still important (you’d have not business without them)

Whilst your Sales and Marketing teams should be working together anyway, it’s more important than ever for your marketing team to be supporting Sales and keeping them aware of the information they need to generate and close opportunities.

Unless you’re selling a truly essential product or service e.g. hand sanitiser, medical masks etc, focus your marketing on expanding the reach of your audience and not building your revenue.


Stick to Marketing

Unless your business or brand has specialist expertise, don’t try to be a medical professional. Leave the advice to the experts and make your communications stand out by providing helpful content relating back to your brand

There are already tons of misinformation circulating surrounding the current crisis, you don’t need to be adding to it.


Marketing during a crisis is difficult, but not impossible. Put your best marketing hat on and future-proof your business for when we see the other side.

Good Luck and Stay Safe 💙

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