Nested Support

Website Design

About the client

When the team at Nested Support came to us, they had a brand concept and nothing else. As a specialist home care service provider, this start up business came to us to develop their brand identity and establish the trust needed with us to allow customers to also feel the same.

From finding a name, designing a logo and branding, developing a website and building a social media presence, Nested Support came to our specialist in-house team to bring their concept to life.

Once branding had been developed, and a name agreed upon, our web developers worked to design a website that would become a trusted space and a recognised brand. After researching what colours and fonts portray to an audience when seen, the colour green was decided upon. Green often means positivity, good judgement, safety and stability, important factors for an audience to feel when searching for a business in a sensitive sector.





Colour Scheme


The Design

nested support website image

Our team created a website that focused on the company’s unique selling point, being a GP led service, and established a space that felt safe. We developed a website that was memorable and gave the right impression, as well as providing SEO to help the business rank higher and be discovered easier.

Responsive Design

Alongside developing a website, Nested Support’s online presence was created. Our social media team continue to grow their social media channels, researching the best target audiences and creating specific content focusing on the company’s unique selling point and the brand and values they wish to create. Whilst the main focus is to gain enquiries, Nested Support’s social media presence has been developed to establish them as a trustworthy and caring company. By including a personal touch, such as using photos of current staff in content such as posts and stories, this gives the business an individual approach that is essential in their sector.

Our specialist team manage Facebook Ads, ensuring they are aimed at the right clientele, in the right location, establishing Nested Support as a prominent company across its geographical reach. By working extremely closely with the MD, we ensured we were creating the perfect brand and now continue to promote their vision across social media channels.

Through regular meetings, and our inhouse position, everyone was kept informed and thanks to our expertise, the team at Nested Support were able to focus on other aspects of starting up a business without the added pressure of having to create or establish a brand.