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Online Video Marketing – Video for Business


If you’re a business thinking about commissioning or making a video yourself, here are a few things to think about beforehand

1. Define your Goal

“People with Goals succeed because they know where they are going” – Earl Nightingale

Don’t run into wanting a video without first clarifying; what your goal is, what is the project and what does it need to do?

This should be the easiest question to answer, and the aim is to distil the goal into one sentence. If you can’t do that, then the goal is not defined enough. Keep it simple and focused.

A few examples include:

“The video wants to educate customers about our new technology”

“The video should create interest and hype around our upcoming event”

“The video will announce our new product at the conference”

Now that we have the goal, what’s getting in the way?


2. Diagnose the problem that needs solving

Who is your audience? What does it need to say? What are the challenges that need solving?

In short, you need to think about the who, what how and when.



Who is the target audience?

Why is this important to them?

Why do they care?


There could be more than one target audience, in this case identify the top 3 and prioritize. Don’t try and cater your video to everybody, instead, focus on a target group otherwise the message will be watered down.

Think about:

Which group brings in the most revenue?

What type of customers do you want more of?

Why aren’t they buying from you now?



What does the project need to communicate?

What’s the message and how should the audience feel after watching it?

Like your target audience, you want to focus and prioritse your message.

Think about – If the viewer only took one thing away from your video, what would you want that to be?

Start with this then move down the list, creating no more than 5 points.


Where, When and How will it be shown?

This can often be an afterthought, but it’s an incredibly important aspect to think about at this stage as your audience will be in a certain state of mind.

Is this a Facebook ad? Well then you need to hook them in the first 5 seconds, also be aware that 75% of Facebook Ads are viewed without sound.

Are they sitting at an event? Well then you can take your time.

Also, think about what stage of the ‘Buyer’s Journey‘ your viewers are at. Whether that;s the ‘awareness, consideration or the decision stage’


3. Narrow the design exploration

Designing and problem solving takes a lot of time. To stop exploring the variety of possible looks your video could have, ask yourself

• What can it, or can it not, look like?

• What can it sound like?

• What should/ shouldn’t be featured?

It’s sometimes better to start with thinking about what it shouldn’t be like rather than what it should be like.

If you’re doing this in a group, clarify your answers. Something that is ‘simple and elegant’ could be different from one person to the next. Get specific with examples, this way your content isn’t open to interpretation.

You want 3 – 5 clear, creative parameters before you start to make your video.

Whether you’re commissioning a video or making one for yourself, these tips should help you to get started and create the desired outcome and relay your message in the best possible way.

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