Video Sign Off Form

Date: 18/03/2020

Client: Oracle Precision

Project Job No: I000696

Ordered By: Shaun Palmer

Dear Shaun Palmer,

Video Production

has been completed in accordance with our contracted agreement. This document confirms you have agreed the ‘final edit’ and are satisfied that all notified changes and amendments have been completed to your satisfaction and that all contractual obligations have been fully met.

Following receipt of this final ‘sign off’ and settlement of all due payments, the ownership of the video and all intellectual properties will be transferred to yourself. This entitles you to distribute the video in its whole form without reference to Fortay Media.

We do, however, reserve the right to retain ownership of the ‘master tape’ as well as controlling discretion over any future re-editing and change of usage (such as broadcasting over a public TV network)

As part of this transfer, unless notified to the contrary, we request the right to use the video as an example of our work in any promotional material including our own website.