Places Gym - Case Study | FORTAYmedia

“I can definitely see Places Gym using video again in the future! ”

Natalie Young, Marketing Manager

The team at Places Gym came to us to for our video services, as we could produce high quality videos that were perfect for their purpose. They were after information videos to send to new members and social media video snippets that would capture an audience’s attention. Our video production team were more than happy to help.

After a previous bad video production experience, full of high costs and slow turn arounds, the team at Places Gym were apprehensive about creating more videos. After meeting with our friendly and professional team in our Sheffield studio, they were reassured, and we proceeded to provide a fast and reliable in-house video production service.

One of the videos they wanted producing was an informative and welcoming video to send out to new members to help them feel more confident about their first session. Our skilled video team produced a video that represented Places’ community feel, as well as highlighting their low costs and inclusive classes compared to other big-name competitors. The team at Places came to us with a list of shots they wanted, and our team worked together with them to produce exactly what they wanted. We travelled to their site to create a video that was an accurate representation of the gym, showing new members what they could expect. Once the video had been edited, it was sent to the team at Places’ on Vimeo so they could add any amendments they wanted. As a quick and easy process for them to use, our team got a revised video back to them in 1 – 2 days, a video that suited their requirements exactly.

The team at Places Gym also wanted some short videos to use as social media snippets. They wanted to release these videos tactically, in line with their campaigns and offers. With their short snippets, they managed to send their message to a wider audience than before, highlighting the inclusivity and community feel of their gyms. The social media snippets we produced were published by the team at Places as organic posts, where they received a higher engagement than the stock images they were using before coming to FORTAYmedia. The paid adverts they ran with our videos produced a wider reach and engagement, leading to an increase in memberships and sales.

As the Places Gym brand is evolving as they are gaining more members and more gyms, we are sure they will be back to benefit from our video production service again.