PneuTherm - Case Study | FORTAYmedia

“Without a marketing partner, I think the business would have stayed fairly stagnated potentially. Having the marketing partners enabled us to continue growing even through difficult times and difficult business challenges”.

Tom Cobb – Business Director of Pneu – Therm.

Starting in the 1970’s as a producer of pneumatic connectors, Pneu-Therm has grown into a ‘one- source shop’ and now specialise in adding value by offering a wide range of additional subcontract machining, fabrication and electrical assembly work to complement their range of bespoke and standard heating elements and pneumatic connectors.

“All the guys at Fortay are really responsive, really helpful, and we continue to use them because we get the results from them”.

We have been working with Pneu-Therm since around 2014 when we were commissioned to design and develop their brand-new website. Working closely with their marketing manager, we created a site that would perfectly showcase their range of products and partnerships.

Our in-house video production team filmed three videos for them, being one of them a company overview video to introduce the Pneu-Therm, shot on-location at their factory.

Then it was time to start sharing that content. They had no presence on social media, so we set up, manage and distribute their social media content, optimising targeted campaigns to deliver the message to the right customers. As part of that digital marketing strategy, we’ve also produced several social posts, blogs and highly effective e-shots for their mailing list.  

“Putting together our own content is very difficult and knowing how to best distribute that to our customers and potential customers is really hard”.

We continue to partner with Pneu-Therm making sure their content is optimised and up to date. 

“We’ve had a really good relationship with Fortay Media over the years, using them for many projects and campaigns that we’ve done.”.