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Providing innovate remote/ self-sampling sexual health services for over a decade, Preventx partners with the NHS and Local Authorities to provide screening to over 87% of England.

Taking on board feedback from previous customers, Preventx were looking to provide an easier experience to their self-screening services. An important aspect of the projects was to have videos that perfectly represented their company, as well as provide the right service to their customers.

“Bettering customer experience”

We worked with the Preventx team to produce a range of how-to instructional videos for their self-screening products. As the organisation provides a number of different services, an important requirement was for the branding of the videos to be easily changed if needed.

For this reason, we hosted filming in our Green Screen Studio, with the presenter lead videos perfectly demonstrating what the products are and how to use them.

After Preventx sent us their initial scripts, we were able to piece together the final details in order to begin the filming process. It’s always important to us to involve clients every step of the way, this is why we invited Preventx to oversee the directing of the videos. This provided them with a better understanding of the filming process and how the final project would piece together.

“FORTAYmedia was by far the most engaging company we approached. They were one of the few companies that wanted to meet us to better understand what our company was about”

Ryan Kinsella, Laboratory Director