Proact - Case Study | FORTAYmedia

“The impact that Fortay Media have had on our social media in such a short space of time has just been outstanding. The views that we now have in our video content have just gone through the roof. Our followers are increasing”.

Ben Walker – Proact’s Group Marketing Manager

Proact is Europe’s leading independent data centre and cloud services provider. Starting in 1994, the company builds solutions for companies that allow them to focus more on innovating within their business than actually running the IT.

Proact had a really good story to tell, but they needed to build up their trust to get people to want to engage with that story. We have now been working with Proact since 2013, and during that time we’ve produced several videos to showcase their business and ethos.

 One of the first projects we’ve developed with Proact were Case Study videos for their website. Our in-house video team planned and produced visual testimonials of real customers giving their feedback.  

“It went down absolutely fantastic. For the first time, you could see the customer, you could hear from the customer and, you know, you’re comparing that against a PDF. (…) It told such a better story”.

The next step was to take a closer look at Proact’s portfolio across the business. We classified the portfolio by dividing what they do into five different sections. This would be extremely helpful when trying to target the right customers and understand their pain points and what they are looking for.  

 From this we then went on to produce their new podcast series, Let’s Talk Data. We made sure to showcase and highlight their unique personality in every episode, as well as their expertise on different matters.

“Our last 12 months have been our best in terms of brand awareness”

During the past few months, we have been working closely with them in order to build an audience for their new podcast Let’s talk Data. As part of this, we were also commissioned to optimise their LinkedIn presence, which would also help to grow their audience and brand recognition.  

“Fortay Media were the obvious choice to work with on this podcast series because they know Proact, they know our value and they know what we are trying to achieve. (…) They were absolutely fantastic in being able to get this podcast up and running quickly”.

After all these years working together, we have developed a close relationship with Proact, and we keep producing videos and content for their social media as part of their marketing strategy.