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Product Videos – Video for Business


4 times as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it.

Everyone prefers to watch videos about products they’re interested in. We’ve put together a run down on how your business can utilise and maximise product videos in its online marketing.

Awareness and Consideration
Product Videos work well for buyers in the awareness or consideration stage. Potential buyers need a clear and comprehensive explanation of what the product offers. It is therefore important to assume the audience know nothing about the product when creating a video. This way, you can go into detail and really sell the benefits.

Firstly, introduce the product. Then highlight problems the product is designed to solve.
What result of these problems would cause if you didn’t have the product? Then how can your product resolve these problems?

If someone has a problem, and you can sell them a solution, you’ll make money.

The length of product videos can vary depending in how detailed the product is.
As a rule of thumb, audiences expect videos to be between 2-5 minutes in length. This allows for the best engagement results.

Product videos are a great compliment to a business’s website but also work as marketing materials on social media.

Keep in mind: Over 75% of Facebook videos are viewed without sound.

If your product videos are lengthy, try cutting them down to just the main points and give the audience an option to view the whole video on your website.

Once you have created your video and sent it out for the whole world to see, it’s time to measure the metrics. Keep an eye on the play and engagement rate.
You want to make sure your audience are sticking around to watch the whole video.
If not, why not? This may mean revisiting your edit and re-arranging or shortening the video.

If you’re looking for more information when it comes to creating your own Product Videos, or if you need help for any digital marketing service. Get in touch.

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