Resolution Television - Case Study | FORTAYmedia

“The facilities are excellent. They have great cameras & great lighting”

Robin Hind, Director

Resolution Television is an independent media agency that has been delivering professional creative solutions since 2005. Working with globally recognised organisations, they are specialists in creating Online Induction Systems, Television Advertising, Websites and much more.

One of the biggest areas of their work is Health & Safety Induction Systems, for which they need to produce videos with a presenter. To make this work effectively and to deliver the message in a concise manner, they need to place the presenter in a virtual studio environment, previously recorded on a green screen.

Resolution reached out to hire our whole setup including green screen studio, cameraman and cameras– so they could record and easily remove the background to use their own.

“The studio works for us because there aren’t many in the area that has that kind of standard and price point”

“It makes for an all-round great experience”

Robin Hind, Director