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Shooting for success with Event Filming

Event Filming
Putting an event together takes a great amount of work. It requires time, effort, money and organisation. So, the last thing you want is people to forget about it the next day.

You also don’t want to put a limit on the number of people that will be able to live that experience. Why would you miss the opportunity of having a bigger audience?

Having an event video is not only great for memories but also marketing and brand positioning. Capturing your event on video is a crazy easy way to make your event last.

The best part? Event videos can be used before, during and after the event.

And let’s face it, they are way catchier than the average business videos!

When we look at the event industry, we see that more and more organisations are investing time and energy in event videos. It is a great way to create awareness about the event and to streamline communication of the day. It also keeps the buzz going until long after your event has finished.

Benefits of an Event Video

Entertaining and engaging
These types of videos are usually bright, colourful and fast-paced. This means that they are normally more attractive than a business marketing video. Therefore, they are a great way to deliver key messages, as it doesn’t appear to be too corporate or formal.

Video by Fortay Media

Promote future events
Event videos can be the best marketing material for any future events your company hosts. Not only that, but people who actually attended your event will appreciate having a memory of it.

Allow your customers to sell your event
Through informal interviews during the event, attendees can share their experiences in an honest, non-biased way. It also helps to humanise your event communications.

Showcase your values
Event videos can be a great way to showcase your companies values to both external and internal audience. Choose a company representative to highlight the importance of that event and to explain your businesses’ vision.

Position your company
There are a lot of ways to determine your business position in the market, but hosting events is one of the most efficient ones.

The marketing effect lasts longer
An event’s reach, as big as it could be, is minimal compared to the reach a video can have. Having an event video not only extends its reach but also its length, as your event will exist in perpetuity.

Diversifies your content
We all know that video content is key nowadays. Video is one of the most engaging types of content and it actually helps to drive sales more effectively than forms of content.

You can use the whole video in platforms that favour longer forms of content such as YouTube or Vimeo and use shorter clips and pictures for social media.

Video content offers a wide range of possibilities.

You can also create marketing material for future events helping audiences to see how fun/ informative your past events have been.

Event videos can be used at any stage of the marketing funnel
Event videos can be used throughout the entire Buyer’s Journey. They can introduce your brand to a new audience, push a potential consumer down the funnel or help you close a final sale.

event filming

What place do you want to occupy in the mind of your target group? How do you want them to think about your brand? What kind of impression do you want to leave to your potential consumers? Who are your potential consumers?

As well as conducting in-depth branding work and having a strong business strategy, you will have to focus on event marketing. Differentiate yourself for the competition!

The fact of being able to organise an event experience that aligns perfectly with your mission, values and brand positioning can be a big win.

After all the effort, wouldn’t you want to extend the benefits of that event by having it on video? Even when the event is over, you will still be able to reach more potential consumers and showcase your brand’s personality to a wider audience.

Leverage other brands
You can use your video to get other brand names in there, not just your own. Show your audience which great brands you are working with.

Types of Event Videos
There isn’t a written rule about the different types of event videos you can make, as it varies depending on factors including the brand, type of event, budget etc

Video Highlight Reel
A highlight reel is a great way to summarise the purpose and key messages of an event by capturing the most significant moments. A highlight reel helps to bring the event together in an engaging way for attendees.

Video by Fortay Media

Testimonial Videos
Use your customers to tell the story. Interview some of the attendees so they can tell the audience about the event from a different perspective. Ask them if they have enjoyed the night or what do they think of the brand.

Video by Fortay Media

Live Streaming
Live streaming not only helps those who weren’t able to attend. It also provides you with a lot of raw material to select from.

Promotional Video
A promotional video is like the trailer of your event. A short, concise and fast-paced video to get the potential attendees excited.

Video by Fortay Media

Tips for making the perfect Event Video
It’s important to think about video design as this will be something viewers link to your event. Try to keep it similar for the rest of the event videos in your campaign.

Know your event
Learn what the event is all about, as it will help you organise what you need to do. You need to know what the organisers’ needs, requirements and expectations are.

Make a shot list
This is especially important when making a video, as you can’t go back to capture those moments again.

Make a list of any times or locations you definitely want to get. Don’t forget to get a lot of extra footage which will help you to tell your event’s story. For example, the event room, a crowd of people dancing, someone talking to the microphone, shots of event spaces…

Keep your camera rolling as much as possible.

Here are some ideas of shots you will need to capture in your event videos:

  • Close up shots that capture emotions
  • Shots of a crowd or an environment
  • Capture the speakers or performers on stage
  • A few words from attendees

Film as much as you can
You never know when something unique or compelling will happen during an event, so it’s important that you keep rolling as much as possible.

Use people to tell stories
All this footage will be only useful if you combine it with a good story. Use people in the event to tell the viewers how great it was. Let them tell the story.

Focus on representing your brand the best you can in order to attract the right guests and consumers for your brand.

Using a professional video production company means you don’t need to worry about the technical aspects of creating your event video, so you can focus on the event.

Have fun, chat to people, relax… You deserve it!

Although nowadays content creation is getting easier and cheaper, impactful and engaging videos go through a well thought design stage that leads to a well-produced video that drives people towards action.

We are here to help. Get in touch with us if you are looking to film a video of your event.

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