Successful social media management is consistent engagement and communication with your audience.

The key to successful social media is consistent engagement and communication with your audience. Being active on a platform lets you stay relevant to existing customers, as well as promoting yourself to potential ones. Our strategy isn’t to get your business active on as many platforms as possible. At Fortay Media we find the platforms that suit your business, customers and target audience and engage with them.

Our social media journey begins with a chat, getting to know your business and online business aims. Getting to know you and your business is vital in creating an effective social media platform. In our initial meeting, we also help you to understand why social media is important for your business, if you didn’t already know. At FORTAYmedia, we work with you, developing and adapting any marketing ideas to suit the online platforms your business has. We then go on to create a social media strategy, ensuring your platform feeds contain business updates, important events or notices, as well as providing relevant, up to date and trending news.

Engaging with the right people on social media can lead you to new and exciting business opportunities.

Marketing on social media should be a prominent feature in every marketing strategy. Our creative team also helps to improve your PPC advertising rate, as well as develop relevant content for your business, whether this be blogs, quotes or graphics. The Fortay Media team work together to help your business to grow online. As part of our social media management, we identify and engage with key influencers and online brand advocates on behalf of your business. This is important for your business to be relevant and recognised by those in your industry.

At Fortay Media we understand how important your brand is. Our social media team ensure your feed is relevant to your brand identity, whether you’re looking to be formal or a little more relaxed, the key to social media is to show personality. Identifying your business as a human being helps you to build customer relationships that you may not have been able to achieve offline. We help your business to maintain these relationships, and give you a more personable feel to your customer engagement.

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There’s more to social media marketing than just sharing pictures and updates.

The platforms you’re on help you to create and engage with customers, both old and new. Not only is social media important to your business, it is also a convenient way for customers to contact you. Whether this be queries, feedback or any problems they’re facing, social media is the new way to provide customer service. Our expert social media managers know exactly how to engage with any communication your social media platforms may encounter. Also working hard to build up an audience, increase engagement levels and distribute content through the most effective networks available.

At FORTAYmedia, we’ve worked with businesses in a variety of industries, helping them to manage and build their online platforms. Whether building brand new social media feeds or adapting and managing existing platforms, your accounts are safe in our hands.

Helping a small business to start up or grow their audience, to helping a large corporation to cement their brand identity. Our social media team are here to help.

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 Having FORTAYmedia improve your social media platforms means you don’t have to worry about your online presence. You know that our team are broadcasting the most effective content and respectively talking to your customers. Our professional and creative team know how to effectively market and succeed online. Leaving you with more time to concentrate on other important aspects of your business. Are you looking for a social media campaign, or a full social media strategy? FORTAYmedia help you to develop unique and exciting ways to market your business.


Social Media Management

Professional set up and excellent execution! The best video production and social media marketing company to work with in the UK! The whole team are fantastic.


Social Media Management

I have worked with Fortay Media for several years. They are a great sounding board for me, they have great knowledge of the media and video production sector.


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